November 1, 2004


Fall is the best time to get out and ride. Yesterday, after I noticed it was 65 degrees, I managed to get out on my bike for an hour and a half. I cruised on over towards Sadorus (southwest of Champaign). I didn't actually make it to sadorus because the sun was setting and riding in the dark on country roads is scary as hell, but no matter. The weather was perfect. I like that slightly chilly feeling. There were lots of people burning leaves. I can understand why leaf burning is illegal in DuPage, too much smoke. Out in the country, however, the smoke is no big deal and the aroma is fantastic. I managed to keep up a respectable 18mph for about 25miles. I was hoping for a longer ride, but oh well. It's winter anyway (or at least close enough) so I'm supposed to be slacking off on the rides. I enjoyed myself and that's what matters.

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