October 2, 2006

sticky hands

Sticking your hand where it doesn't belong will not prevent terrorism. I wonder if Bush ever thought that Iraq would turn out like it has. Probably not. I don't think he has that kind of mental capacity. Whenever I hear phrases such as "spreading democracy" or "crusade against terrorism" I shudder. These aforementioned phrases have a fundamentalist ring to them. Bush and his puppetmasters have taught us that fundamentalism is bad. Well, islamic fundamentalism anyway. I, however, think Bush's fundamentalism is no different. . . The Iraq war has turned into an ideological war. Neither side likes one another and neither side is going to give up anytime soon. Who didn't see this coming?

I wonder what would happen if the US forces pulled out, and instead, the US started providing humanitarian aid to the Iraqis. Instead of spending a billion dollars a week on guns, tanks, and other military endeavors, what if the US spent a billion dollars a week on rebuilding Iraq's civil infrastructure, food, and medical care. I bet the Iraqis' opinion of the US would change pretty darn quick. But alas, our government wouldn't even spend that kind of money on it's own citizens. Sorry Iraq. Seriously, sorry. I mean it.

I just watched Fahrenheit 911 for the first time last night, so that's what triggered this post.

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sorry everything looks all screwed up. I hope everyone can read this post. I'll try and fix the blog soon.

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