May 31, 2004

Death by Rain

Holy crap was it a crazy day. After weeks of rain I finally went for a ride. I took the mtb cuz I didn't want to get stuck in the rain on my road bike. Twas a good idea! I took the IPP out west to batavia then north geneva. I figured if it rained I'd just tough it out. Well I hadn't been out but 10 minutes and this immense front coming from the west caught my eye. Man do I love that feeling of freezing cold water hitting bare skin and combined with the shortness of breath from the temperature shock it's nothing short of heaven; no joke. To make a long story short, on the way to geneva I was drenched, dried off, coated with mud, drenched again (which washed away the mud) and eventually came damn near hypothermia. I had to stop in geneva because the trail from geneva to st. charles was underwater! Craziness. I tried to hitch a ride back on a train from the geneva train station (thanks to directions from a kind gentleman walking his dog). Apparently the union pacific no longer allows bikes on trains. Crap. So I ended up calling my mom and she picked me up. It was a good thing too because once I got off my bike I started shivering and convulsing from the cold. I met a homeless girl (probably around my age) at the train station and we talked a little bit. She was definitely having some drug problems, but she was really nice and offered me her sweathshirt. I felt bad for her. She was living out of an Aldi's plastic bag that she was carrying around with her. Tomorrow I'll take a picture of my bike and post it, although most of the mud was probably washed off.

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