March 18, 2005

late night rambling

To all my friends, I love you people. No, I'm not drunk! Seriously, you are all awesome people. How did I get so lucky? I want all my friends to know that no matter what happens, I'll stand by you guys/girls. I also want my friends to know that if they want or need to tell me something that they think I won't want to hear, do it anyway. I may be upset initially, but upon reflection, I'll probably be very thankful that you said something. Most likely you as my friend are correct anyway. It's hard to step away from your own situation and really look at what's happening with your life. So if you're reading this, try and do just that. Step back and look. What do ya see? Maybe you should ask a friend, they might be able to help or at least clear the fog.

First bike ride of the year, yesterday! Second bike ride of the year, today (screw class)! Two rides in two days!

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