August 12, 2005


My dad and I were supposed to go on a bike trip in quebec for a week. Then the trip was shortened to 4 days. Then it was wisconsin for 3 days and this morning my dad completely wussed out on the trip. I woke up at 7am to get my bike all ready. It was drizzling slightly this morning and there was a chance of rain tomorrow in wisconsin so ALL PLANS WERE CANCELLED. WTF?! Why do people get lazier and more concerned with small details when they get older? How is that a fun way to live? This trip was in the works for months and now it has been cancelled because of the possibility of rain. As a consolaton, we're going downtown to bike along the lake tomorrow which should be fun, but it's only 20 miles and it's gonna be crowded. Man, I was all psyched to do a couple of long rides. . .

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