October 27, 2004

random writings of rwh

not much to report, so i'm gonna write something. iunno what... just whatever comes as i go.

he stepped out into the light. pulling his face back, shielding himself from the light for just a moment, as he pulled out his tattered old summer camp hat from his back pocket. pulling it down low on his face, he trudged out the door. the ground was wet, but the sun was out. it felt like a movie. the colors of the trees covered the ground, his vintage black leather chuck taylor's squeeked with every step, the hide still getting broken in.

not avoiding puddles, he glides down the sidewalk and across the quad. he weaves through the traffic, with a lightness in his step: something he hadn't had in a long time. avoiding eye contact with anyone who might recognize him, he dodged the traffic. unsure why he thought anyone would know his secret, or why he should care, he pulled two small, white, tethered bulbs out of his pocket and stuffed one in each ear as he stepped in the union doors, pausing for a moment to hold the door for a girl who couldnt help but remind him of a lost love.

I've got a hunger twisting my stomach into knots
that my tongue was tied off,
my brain's repeating, if you've got an impulse let it out
but they never get past my mouth

"this is the sound of settling," he thought in rhythm with the song. "well thats not the case anymore," he muttered to himself as he rounded the corner and came to a hault behind a girl from his freshman history lecture. standing in line at the cafe, he was next and pulled off his hat. stuffing it into his back pocket with his right, he yanked the earphones out with his left. he ran his hand through his twisted, messy blonde hair, and contemplated putting the hat back on, but his thoughts were cut short--

"usual grande cafe mocha for ya, stan?" she said as she had so many times before; that smile and those oh-so-cute dimples always made him fall all over himself.
"uh, yeah. . . er, no. i mean... how 'bout something different for a change?"

yeah so i dont know what that was, or where it was going. i wrote something, but it was lame/cliche/boring/whatever. maybe i'll finish or continue it next time. anyway, i'm going to bed. tonight's music reccomendation: anything diana krall. very smoothe voice. soothes me like no other. nice and relaxing, just in time for bed, and so i bid you adieu.

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