Sunday is the night.
October 11, 2004 - 3:00 AM - # - Influenced by alcohol

I didn't post yestereay, and a certain someone that is 45 mingutes away got upset. But not really. Anyway, I'm wasted, and i'[m gonna post.

So tonight. What can I say. Last night was a good night to post. Too bad all of us were eihter, 1) passed out on a couch 2) with a girl or 3) supremely depressed.

So yeah last night...

I was passed out on a couch in my own house. I started my night by drinking a whole bottle of Boones Farm Strawberry wine. Kinda pink, kinda gay, but very cheap, and got me quite drunk. Then we went to a party that was actually kind of a fundrasier for INM at U of I (dancers are hot.) I blacked out. SOmehow I ended up talking to a couple girls, both of which were in A O Pi, and one of which was an INM dancer. I started talking to the dancer some more, finding out she was kindof a Jf clone. I made them talk to each other. Anyway, I was blacked out for a lot, but I do remember getting her number. However, due to the blacked-out-ness, i needed it to be repeated, and i even got her name wrong. Embarrasment city. But, Cf and Jf know her, so i've got some connections.

As soon as I got her number, I was completely blackd out. I think she left, and I stayed with the party and H. From what I hear from Jf, we were just standing around being like "Yay girlses." And then we went home. H haad to pee off a balcony. Then homeward boud.

But Jf called us, wanting to come with us to BFH. H and I were probalby pretty close to BFH already, but we agreed to go get her.

We got there and talked for a bit. I was kinda blacked out, and there was apparently some Jimmy Johns and Aladdin involved. Anyway, I eventually decided to go home, leaving H on the couch there.

I came home, still wasted, and found a C and a R.B. dancing to D's music with JfD's friends. Somehow I passed out on the couch.

Today, we decided to just drink heavily. We got drunk and the Elmhurst girls started asking if we wanted to play JfD's game "sexmaster". We did, but peole kept dissappearing. I talked to J, but he said that he probaly didn't need a game to help him tonignt. I was drunk, so I failed to realize that R.H. was in J's room and made some lewd comments. They did not hear, but I felt kinda bad 2 minutes later when R.H. walked out.

Then I went to bed, started writing this, had a phone convo about last night, and then finished this. Now it's bedtime.