Einundzwangzig und noch am Leben
May 28, 2005 - 9:29 PM - # -

Well, sorry to say, but this has been the most crazy birthday that I have ever had. The most unliikely people decided to give me presents, and needless to say, there was much drinking involved. About 30 people showed up to celebrate with me, and we drank about 5 cases of beer.......and then some......

I unfortunatley had to leave earlier than some of the others. I was soo grateful that Simon and Gasper looked after me as I stumbled around the StuStadt. I unfortunatley didn't fair as well as the others who didnt drink half as much as I did. My roommate gave me something that looked like a neon green mad chemist-style beaker. Turns out it was slovenian schnapps with a plant to turn it a special color. Zambuca, vodka, and bulgarian schnapps were also among the other presents.

Either way, it was awesome. Unfortunately, Luz and Ogi, the two hottest girls on the planet, skipped out early. I think I was a bit tooooo drunk, and they lost their patience. I'll just have to call them up morgen....umm....I mean tomorrow. Crap, I can't even think in English anymore. Everything comes out first in German.

The one thinig that I have to say is that I miss home now more than ever. Today I drank waaay to much for my own good; however, listening to Rise Against somehow rid me of any sick feeling I had in my stomach. BTW, Rise Against (awesome Chicago punk band) just played in Munich last weekend. I just forgot to write an entry about it. Freakin awesome. Just listen to "Siren Song of the Counter Culture" and you will understand what I mean.

Well then folks, g'nite. I have to wake up sometime tomorrow to play ultimate frisbee in the english gardens........If I survive the night that is. So yeah, until then.

P.S. To translate the title try using www.leo.org. Have fun.