May 10, 2005

one step closer to the real world

as most of you know, i have worked at outback steakhouse for the past four years. i have been a hostess, a take-away server, a food runner, and a food expeditor. i am probably outback's biggest advocate, and i could tell you anything you'd ever want to know about the menu. today was my last day. i thought i was going to cry, but thankfully i didn't. it was a pretty calm last day, we didn't have many orders. the servers surprised me with a cake. i also got a present (a wind chime for my new apartment) and a card that everyone signed. it had some weird messages though, and one guy said "try not to be such a dork". so that was... nice... and one of the busboys begged me for a picture (too bad i didn't have one with me).

now i just have to finish school; i have one quiz, one take home final, and two finals next week and then i am done... weird. i have three weeks of no work which is awesome, and jon comes home this week which is also awesome! so i have a lot to look forward to.

Posted by JenMagenta at May 10, 2005 8:27 PM

Are you staying in chicago with your new apartment? Or are you moving somewhere warmer?

Posted by: Andy at May 11, 2005 6:35 AM
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