September 30, 2005

i have the worst luck ever!

you all know how i love to make cookies. well, i was planning on making some special frosted sugar cookies to bring with me when i went down to u of i this weekend. they were going to be in the shape of the letter I, with orange frosting. i thought it was a really cute idea, and so i searched online for a website where i could buy just a letter I cookie cutter. it was kind of difficult to find the right one, because many of the I's did not have the top and bottom horizontal lines, just the single vertical line, but the U of I I has the top and bottom lines, so i had to find one like that. i found one at, it was the perfect size and it had the lines. it was about 10 dollars, and i wanted to get it by wednesday afternoon so i could have enough time to make the cookies, so i paid 15 dollars for the fed ex delivery by wednesday afternoon.

well, wednesday afternoon came and went, and i had no cookie cutter. every time i have had a package delivered to my apartment, it has gone to the leasing office, and i have picked it up from there. so on thursday when i got home, and there was still no package or note on my door saying to go to the leasing office, i went down there anyway to look for my package. it was not there, and i got kind of upset. so then i went back to my apartment and emailed the company to get the fedex tracking number. i looked it up, and it said that the package had been delivered on wednesday at noon! it also said that they had my signature waiver on file, and that it was "left at front door". so i searched all over my apartment building, down every hallway, in every corner, i even went outside and searched in the grass and under the stairs. and i found nothing. so i guess someone stole my package. i don't know who else could possibly want an I cookie cutter besides me, but i guess someone did.

i filed a claim with fedex online, but i'm sure they're going to say that i'm screwed b/c of this signature waiver on file. but that's a bunch of crap, because i went back to the website and went through the steps to order another cookie cutter, and there are absolutely no terms or conditions when it comes to shipping. and i don't understand why they wouldn't take it to the leasing office if i wasn't home, b/c that's what they have done every other time. i also emailed the website again asking if they can do anything for me. i would try to refute it with the credit card company, but i paid for it with my debit card and the money has already been taken out of my account.

now i'm out 25 dollars and i have no I cookie cutter. so i made heart shaped cookies.

Posted by JenMagenta at September 30, 2005 10:38 AM

What kind of heartless bastard would steal a cookie cutter?

Posted by: Dan at September 30, 2005 11:23 AM

They must be Illinois fans, otherwise they are just douche bags that steal random stuff. . . hmmm who do I know that tends to do that when drunk . . .

Posted by: dave at September 30, 2005 8:35 PM

in a more pleasant note, they were some tasty heart shaped cookies

Posted by: Dan... K! at October 1, 2005 4:32 AM

"i would try to refute it with the credit card company, but i paid for it with my debit card and the money has already been taken out of my account."

they should still be able to do something I would think. that stinks though

Posted by: Kristina at October 1, 2005 8:30 PM
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