December 8, 2005

barenaked for the holidays

i went to the barenaked ladies' holiday concert last night, with mr. ryan holler. we had pretty amazing seats, in a side balcony. the show opened with the levees (pronunced leevees), who came on the stage and announced "we only play hanukkah music". they were pretty good, and their lyrics were really funny. the first two songs were about latkes. later they sang a song about how no one knows how to spell "hanukkah". (i had to use spell check for that one, lol).

after the levees were done playing, the curtain behind them was lifted to reveal a christmas scene; it looked like the living room of a house, with a fireplace and stockings and the whole deal. then these small children walked on stage, which was kind of unexpected. they sang a few christmas songs and then the barenaked ladies came on stage and sang a few more songs with them. it turns out that the small children were actually the glen ellyn children's chorus. and they were pretty good.

the barenaked ladies played for over 2 hours, but they were really entertaining. they played christmas & hanukkah songs and regular songs, and one of the band members did some breakdancing. i just wish i had known more of their music, because many of the songs i had never heard before.

i had to leave before the concert was over, unfortunately, because i wanted to make it to the 10:30 train so i could be home by 11:45. if i missed that train i'd have to wait for the 12:30 train, then i would get home close to 2am, and i had to work at 8. holler made fun of me, but what can i say? i'm getting old.

Posted by JenMagenta at December 8, 2005 10:00 AM
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