January 19, 2006

crash! part II: allstate is the worst insurance company in the world

i'm a little frustrated b/c this is the second time i am writing this entry. last time i accidentally pressed some key on my keyboard (i'm not even sure which one) and the whole window with my blog entry disappeared.

okay, here we go.

the last time i was writing about my accident, i had not gotten allstate's estimate for the damage to my car. most insurance companies will come to your place of work or residence to look at your car, as to not inconvenience you too much. however, allstate makes you go to their "drive-in claim center" to get an estimate. the drive in claim center is open monday thru friday from 8am-5pm, conveniently, the same exact time i work!!! i arranged for an 8am appontment, and skipped my lunch on that day, as to not reduce my paycheck at all. they gave me an estimate for $1500, which i thought was quite low considering that the other three estimates i had gotten from body shops were: $1800, 2100, and 3300.

the next day, the allstate agent peter called me at work to tell me that he had concluded that the accident was 10% my fault, thus, they would be issuing me a check for $1300, 90% of their estimate, to get my car fixed. i asked him why it was 10% my fault (when the other driver had receied a ticket for failure to yield to traffic, and i had not), and he said that i had failed to prevent the accident. i assured him that there was nothing a could have done, and then he suggested that i could have honked my horn. and in hindsight, i realized that instead of focusing my energy on slamming on my brakes, i really should have been honking my horn like a fucking moron. right.

i told peter to shove it (no, not really). i told him that my insurance company would be contacting him because i did not want to accept that offer. i called my insurance agent and told him the situation, and he said he would try to work out something with allstate. meanwhile, i am driving around a busted up car, with a hood that does not want to stay closed.

a week later, i still had not heard anything else from allstate. then one day when i was driving, i had an epiphany. i realized that when this man pulled out in front of me, not only was he not yielding to traffic, but his left turn was also illegal because he had to cross over a raised median in order to make the turn. i called my insurance and told them, and then they called allstate again, and mentioned to them that the turn was illegal. finally allstate agreed to pay 95% of the repairs. that was last friday.

okay. so on monday morning i brought the car in to be fixed. i took i to a place in wauconda, right by my work. my insurance agent had already talked to the owner, and had faxed him allstate's estimate and everything. about 10am i got a call from the body shop, saying that they had just contacted allstate and all that they knew was that i had rejected the offer for 1300. then i had to call my insurance agent again, and he called allstate, and they called the body shop to sort it out. allstate sent out one of their mechanics to the body shop, and they ended up writing them a check for $2095, which was 95% of the total cost to fix the car, $2205. and they wanted to give me $1300!

during this process of getting my car fixed, allstate is supposed to pay for my rental car too. they are paying 95% (because remember, the accident was 5% my fault, and we always deal in percentages). i got a rental car from enterprise in wauconda, and i asked them for the cheapest car possible. they gave me a malibu maxx (which is HUGE compared to what i'm used to driving) for $24.95 a day. i didn't think it would be too bad, i would only have to pay a dollar or two a day. it's supposed to take about 2 weeks to get it fixed, so at the most it would be 30 dollars.

then, enterprise called me back today to tell me that they had just talked to allstate, and allstate would only pay 95% of the rental car for a $19.95/day car. i don't know where you can get a car that cheap. i got the cheapest thing they had. so basically i have to pay the extra 5 dollars every day, which is an additional 70 dollars. so now the rental car is going to cost me 100 dollars. ugh!!! it never ends!

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