March 7, 2007

substitute lesson plan

i'm taking friday off as a personal day. i deserve it. i've been working on this substitute lesson plan for a few weeks, but every week i have to change it because either students move or i get more of them. mostly i've just gotten more. anyway, i pity the poor soul who will be my substitute this friday. here is a snapshot of their day:

Substitute Lesson Plan
Special Ed. Resource Grades K-5
Friday, March 9, 2007

All the materials you will need for today are on the table labeled with post-its. Rusty C. is your aide, she may be around in the morning, and she will definitely be around for Math in the afternoon. Please ask her if you need anything. All the teachers' classroom phone extensions are on the brown sheet of paper on my bulletin board behind the computer.

8:15-8:30: Homeroom/Announcements
School starts at 8:15; students are in their homeroom until 8:30. I do not have a homeroom, so you can just relax during this time. (Make sure you use the bathroom, itís a long morning!!!)

8:30-9:30: K-1 Reading
Joyce W (1st grade)- room 702
Romeo G (1st grade)- room 702
Ray W (Kinder)- room 803
-You have to go get Romeo and Joyce at 8:30. Ray will come at 9:00 with his Instructional Assistant Amanda.
-Romeo and Joyce are both new to Crockett. Romeo is very difficult to deal with. Do your best to get him to listen to you read a book, but if all he wants to do is play on the computer then that is fine. He often has meltdowns and hides under my table and cries, if that happens then call Miss W at x_____. Basically just don't force Romeo to do anything he doesn't want to do and you shouldn't have a meltdown. Don't even make him sit in a chair if he doesn't want to. Joyce is pretty well behaved, and she will listen to you read. Ray comes at 9:00, you can just read to him too. You can choose any books you like from the orange boxes on the floor in the corner. Walk Romeo and Joyce back to class, Ray will go with Amanda.

9:30-10:15: 4-5 Writing
Jon A & Ramon M (4th grade)- room 608
Omar M (5th grade) -room 501
-They will come on their own, Jon comes at 9:30 and the other two come at 9:50.
-Have Jon write in his journal for 20 minutes, he can choose his own topic.
-I have some worksheets for all 3 students to do from 9:50-10:15.

10:15-11:40: 4-5 Reading
Jon A & Ramon M (4th grade)- room 608
Omar M & Alejandro V (5th grade)- room 501
Veronica R- (5th grade)- room 503
Jon, Omar and Ramon stay for Reading and Veronica and Alejandro come on their own and join the group from 10:15-10:45.
-All the students will read AR books independently (thatís what we do every Friday). They should bring their own books, but if for some reason they donít have a book they can choose one from my collection. They can take AR book tests on my classroom computer if they finish a book, but only one student at a time and they CANNOT use their book the check answers.
-At 10:45, Veronica, Alejandro and Ramon leave. You will now have Jon and Omar to read with for almost an hour. You will all read Wayside School is Falling Down, take turns reading pages aloud. We are on Chapter __. Check their comprehension after each chapter you read. Omar has a lot of trouble with decoding words, and Jon has trouble with substituting words (asked for said, etc), so please correct them and help them when needed.

11:45-12:45: K-1 Writing/Math
Samuel C (1st grade)- room 701
Ray W (Kinder)- room 803 (his aide is gone in the afternoon)
You have to go get Ray and Samuel. Rayís aide is gone in the afternoon, so it will be a little more challenging for you. You can use Fruit Loops cereal as positive behavior reinforcement. Remind him that for every 5 minutes he is good, he will get Fruit Loops. He may run out of the room or exhibit other problematic behavior. If he is intolerable, take him back to Mrs. Prestonís room.
-I have written some sentences on a piece of paper for Samuel to copy (make sure he stays in the lines and takes his time!), and you can work with Ray on writing his name.
-When they are done writing, the boys can play with/count the colored blocks. You can ask them to make you a tower with 10 blocks, or a tower with 15 blocks, etc.

12:45-1:15: Lunch
Iím not sure what time the cafeteria stops serving food, but my lunch is very late so you may want to take the kids with and grab some food before 12:45Ö or maybe Rusty can go get your lunch for you.

1:15-2:30: 5-6 Math
Omar M & Alejandro V (5th Grade)
Ramon L (5th Grade)
Veronica R (5th Grade)
Paola E (6th Grade)
-Rusty will be here to help during Math. We have been practicing fractions all week so they have a packet of fraction worksheets to do. You donít really have to teach anything because it is just review, so you can just sit at the table and help them with their work. They do not have homework today. Good luck with this class, the boys can be very difficult. At 2:20 the students can return to their homerooms, but some like to stay until 2:30.

2:30-3:15: Planning/Meetings
This is my planning period, so you get to go home at 2:30! Thanks for being my substitute; I hope the students were well-behaved!

Posted by JenMagenta at March 7, 2007 10:33 PM

That's a really busy and very detailed lesson plan. Good job.

Posted by: Dan at March 8, 2007 9:37 AM

Hehe, I know why you're taking friday off. Did you get the shirts?

Posted by: mallio at March 8, 2007 9:59 AM
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