July 3, 2007

NOT glad about grad school

going to school in the summer just isn't right. it also isn't right to have classes twice a week from march to september with no break- 24 straight weeks of class is pure torture.

i'm just upset that i can't be in chicago w/ jon this week. i know, i'm going next week, but i wanted to be there with my boyfriend. and i don't like staying home alone by myself in the new house. it makes scary noises at night.

i have 8-week terms of grad school. this week i just started a new term, my classes are Characteristics of Students with Mental Retardation and Strategies for Teaching Students with Mental Retardation. i couldn't go to chicago this week because i didn't want to be the "bad student" who misses the first class. although, only 6 out of 13 of my classmates actually showed up tonight, so i wouldn't have been the only "bad student". but seriously- classes on the evening of july 3rd- that's just un-american. shame on my christian university for not supporting our country. please note my sarcasm.

back to my new professor.... she seems nice enough, but apparently she hasn't gotten the memo that you won't be fired if you deviate from the syllabus and she is assigning us EVERYTHING. i'm missing next week's class b/c i'll be in chicago, but i don't want to take any of my work with me, so before thursday at 4:30pm (that's when i have to leave my house to get to my other class- and after that i have to finish packing and leave my house at 4:30am the next morning to get on the plane)- i want to have the next two weeks' assignments done. but that means reading 4 chapters, writing two 1250-1500 word essays, two 500-word essays, two 150 word journals, and somehow contributing to my collaborative learning community group project. ugh.

i'm sad. i want to be in chicago right now drinking a beer at buffalo wild wings with everyone. instead i'm going to microwave a lean cuisine panini, open a can of cherry coke zero, and crack open the books for a long night of grad school fun.

Posted by JenMagenta at July 3, 2007 9:05 PM
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