August 19, 2007

after a week

well, i've been counting weight watchers points for a week now, and i have been going to the gym. i have been doing well with the diet, the only difficult thing is that a few times at night i've been hungry but i had used all my points already so i couldn't eat anything. hopefully my stomach is starting to shrink, so that won't happen too much anymore.

workout update: like i said before, i've been to the gym 5 times this week. i feel pretty good. i went to two classes, yoga and aqua aerobics. the aqua class was really fun, although it was kind of awkward because i was the only person there under 60 (besides the instructor). yoga had a younger crowd, but the instructor wasn't that great. he kept correcting my positions (he actually asked me if i had ever done yoga before-- and i have taken 12-week classes at the community center)- so maybe i just suck at yoga, i'm not sure. the class was very difficult though, and he probably made us do about 3,000 downward facing dogs. my wrists were killing me by the end of class. i have also done the elliptical machine a few times and arms and abs workouts.

diet update: the diet has been going well. here is an example of what my daily food intake looks like (the number to the left of the food stands for how many points it has):

2- special k bar
4- slice of pizza
1- peaches
2- cottage cheese
7- lean cuisine panini
3- weight watchers chocolate chip cookie dough sundae
1- milk

so as you can see, it's not like i'm eating salads all day. in fact, i rarely eat salads. i'm eating normal food, i'm just basically cutting down my calorie intake. if drinks have calories, they have points too, so i only drink diet pop, water, unsweetened iced tea, and unsweetened coffee (w/ just a dab of skim milk), so i don't have to count points for my beverages in addition to my food. if i have an extra point at the end of the day i'll have a small glass of skim milk with my dessert. that is one thing that will quickly make you change your drinking habits- do you want to have a coke for 2 points or a chocolate chip granola bar for 2 points that will acutally fill you up?

on days that i exercise i get to eat 3 extra points. that is a really nice perk. i also have 35 flex points for the week. on friday we went out with some friends and i went over my 20 point limit when we ate our sushi dinner, and then we had gelato (i estimated a small cup was 10 points), but it was okay because i still had all of my flex points for the week.

so at the end of week 1, i feel less fat, and i weighed in at 130 still, but that's okay. i'll probably lose a pound next week.

my favorite low-point snacks this week were:

0- cherry coke zero
0- vanilla coke zero
2- 100 calorie popcorn bags (they are HUGE)
2- 100 calorie keebler grasshoppers
3- weight watchers frozen chocolate chip cookie dough sundaes

Posted by JenMagenta at August 19, 2007 11:36 AM

screw yoga, I always hated it. I find it boring. Do pilates, that stuff's great. Or find a dance studio in your area and go take hip hop or jazz. They usually have adult begining classes and they're fun and you don't realize you're exercising.

Posted by: allison at August 19, 2007 1:26 PM

yoga is free b/c it's inlcuded in my gym membership, i'd have to pay for dance. plus i am probably the worst dancer in the whole world. but thanks anyway!

Posted by: jen at August 19, 2007 2:27 PM

I'm so glad that your weight watchers plan is going so well! I've been avoiding desserts for about a week, but I still tend to overeat regular food when I have things I really like. I should really try your plan and see if I can do it.

Posted by: Julia at August 19, 2007 6:15 PM
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