August 29, 2007

some updates

the diet is going okay... i went over my points a little this weekend at the two cubs games we went to. but i'm back on track now. i haven't lost any weight, 130 lbs still, but i haven't gained any either so i guess that's good.

i've been going to the gym regularly. i went to pilates yesterday and it kicked my butt. i'm very sore. i liked it though.

in other news, i bought a new phone. in case you don't go to boardix, it's a moto q. i got a rocking good deal w/ the sprint sero plan, $30/mo for unlimited texts, free night and weekend calls, 500 anytime minutes, and best of all - unlimited internet. i will have a new phone number w/ a phoenix area code and i'll send everyone a text w/ my new number when my phone comes.

jesus is approaching his 150,000 mile birthday, he's only about 275 miles away right now. unfortunately, i have just been informed by the oil changer man that i need a new clutch and a new front axle. i'm going to go get some estimates tomorrow. more than likely i'm going to have to rent a car while jesus is being fixed because jon is sans auto, which sucks b/c it will just make everything more expensive- especially b/c of that under 25 BS.

i am getting somewhat close to being done with grad school. i have 4 classes left, which is only three 8-week terms, and february 28 is my last day of class. my next term is tuesday and thursday classes again (my last double term though, thank god!) and i'm taking characteristics of students with emotional disabilities and strategies to teach students with emotional disabilities. should be interesting.

work is going well. right now i only have 8 students on my caseload, which is really low. it's nice though, because at the end of last year i had 17.

our kitchen is close to being done. we just need to finish the island- the countertops and install the cooktop. then it will be done! besides the bathrooms, the rest of the house looks pretty nice. check out my facebook pictures if you haven't done so already.

i'm coming to chicago october 5-14 during my fall intercession at work. i don't really have too many plans yet, except for the 13th- my dad's birthday and elmhurst homecoming. so if you want to hang out, let me know!

well, i'm going to relax now. thanks for reading my blog! :)

Posted by JenMagenta at August 29, 2007 10:08 PM

oct 7th. chicago marathon. do it (spectate)

Posted by: holler at August 29, 2007 11:08 PM

okay, but i may accidentally hand you my hot coffee.

Posted by: jen at August 29, 2007 11:34 PM

You named your car Jesus? Is that because it came through for you once, or because it's really old, or maybe because every time something breaks you scream "Jesus!"

I had a similar sort of situation with my car - renting while yours is in the shop is NO FUN and is a quick drain on your checkbook. You might want to shop around - some auto shops might have loaner cars they could give you - which may be cheaper than renting, even if the repair is a little more.

Posted by: matt good at August 30, 2007 1:10 PM
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