March 11, 2005

march 11th

we're going to florida in about a week, which is super exciting. overall things are going really well in my life. i have finally built up my bank account again after spain, and i am doing pretty well in all my classes. people are good. and i have an interview for a REAL job next friday, at citimortgage with my friend jackie's dad, who is the vice president. they are looking for people to work with their spanish speaking clients, and it sounds like a really good job. so hopefully that will go well. recently all i have been doing is looking at condos online. i really want to live at four lakes in lisle. it has four lakes (obviously), sand volleyball, tennis, four ski hills, a bunch of pools, a pub, and lots of other great stuff.

so we'll see what happens. but i have a good feeling about everything.

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March 7, 2005

yay new blog

i'm back on the blog scene. thanks kordik!

i had an interesting weekend. part of it was awesome, but part of it sucked too. as many of you know, one of my friends is not allowed to talk to me. the whole situation is really sad. basically, one night i was drunk and i im-ed his girlfriend, and said some things that were probably inappropriate, but the reason i said these things was to help him out. his girlfriend got really angry, and now she will not let him talk to me. i am really sad because i thought that he and i had a pretty good friendship, but apparently it did not mean anything to him.

boyfriends and girlfriends will come and go, but you will always have your friends. or so i thought.

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