August 29, 2005

la musica

i am finally going to write a blog that's not about my life! isn't everyone excited? right. well, this blog is about music.

there are lots of songs that i hear, and right away i love them. there are others that i hear and right away i know i hate them. the rest are in the "okay" category, and although i would never purchase them, i also wouldn't change the station when they came on the radio.

every so often, i have an experience in which one of the okay songs turns into a song that i absolutely LOVE, and this happens not because i keep listening to it and realize that i like it, but it happens because of the experience that i have when i hear the song.

this has happened to me with quite a few songs, but there are three that really stand out in my mind.

#1 GooGoo Dolls "Black Balloon"
i had always been a fan of googoo dolls, but this was one song that i didn't ever like too much. then, the summer after my freshman(?) year in high school, i went with my grandparents to visit their niece (my mom's cousin) and her family in minnesota. they lived on a lake, and the kids were really spoiled; each had their own boat. the oldest girl was my age, and she took me, my brother, and her brother out on her boat to go tubing. her boat also had a cd player and she put in the googoo dolls cd. black balloon came on, and for some reason, it just made that moment perfect. the sun was shining and i just felt so calm and so happy, and i fell in love with black balloon.

#2 U2's "Beautiful Day"
the mix plays a lot of U2, and i had never liked them too much, actually i think i just never appreciated them until the song and i had a magical moment. lol. it was in the movie Bandits, which actually kind of sucked, but the scene with "beautiful day" was awesome. ever since then i've been obsessed with the song.

#3 Gavin Degraw's "Chariot"
i really really really liked his song "i don't want to be" (one tree hill theme song), so i was excited to hear that he had a new song. but i didn't like it even half as much as i liked "i don't want to be". then one night over the summer i was at jon's house and we were drinking (big surprise! lol) and listening to the radio, and "chariot" came on. i don't know what it was, maybe it was because we were having a great conversation and i was in an awesome mood, but "chariot" just sounded fabulous, and i have also become obsessed with this song.

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August 16, 2005

why does everything have to be so difficult???

i am SO frustrated right now! i got paid yesterday, and i wanted to deposit my check (my company doesn't offer direct deposit). well, citibank is only open 9-5 and i work 8-5 so when i got off of work yesterday i was out of luck. my mom told me to use the atm to deposit my check, so i went there and tried to do it, but you're supposed to write your account number on the envelope and i didn't know mine, and the atm will only tell you the last 4 digits, and i called my mom and she didn't answer, so i was not able to deposit it. so i figure i'll go during my lunch today and deposit the check. the closest citibank to wauconda is one in vernon hills, about 15 miles away. mapquest says i should be able to get there in 20 minutes so i decide to try it. i have lunch from 1-2pm, and i left work at 1 and arrived at citibank around 1:20. there were 7 people in line in front of me and only one teller. i waited in line until 1:40 and then finally decided i'd better leave or i won't make it back to work in time. (there were still 3 people in front of me at 1:40). so i left. it just sucks, i wasted an hour and a tank of gas and i still have to deposit the damn check.

and p.s. i think i need a new computer

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August 8, 2005

a hard drive crash and a bachelorette party

well, my hard drive crashed again. that's twice within 10 months. awesome. this time i am going to buy a new one, not get a free one from dell. i've had enough of their crap. this one guy i work with thinks it's a virus, not the hard drive, but i don't really believe that.

besides that, there is not too much going on in my life. i went to my cousin's fiancee's bachelorette party this weekend. it was kind of awkward because my mom and my aunts were there too, and before we went to the bar she had a lingerie party, where she got many sex-themed gifts (this is what i got her, for those of you who are interested in that sort of thing). after she unwrapped her lingerie presents, we went to the bamboo room at yorktown. she had to do a scavenger hunt that involved hunting down strange men and getting their signatures. the dj showed her his g-string. after the bamboo room my mom and i went to white castle. i tried the new french onion cheeseburger. it was not as good as i had hoped; luckily i also got 4 reguar cheeseburgers.

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