October 7, 2005

halloween costume

my halloween costume is coming along nicely. for those of you who don't know, i am going to be martha stewart for halloween. i think it fits me quite well, except for the whole prisoner thing... oh well.

i bought an orange prisoner jumpsuit at a costume store, and then i got a white baking apron at hobby lobby, and some cute black slipper-like shoes at walmart.

i'm going to write her prisoner number on the jumpsuit (i found her actual number online, it's 55170-054). and then i'm going to cross it out and write MARTHA and a smiley face next to it. i also got a cute felt bag with a ghost on it, which looks like martha could have made herself, so i'm going to tell everyone that i (martha) did make it. and in the bag i am going to have individually wrapped homemade cookies to hand out to people.

hopefully there will be some fun parties to go to at u of i halloween weekend, b/c my costume is going to be awesome!

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