November 7, 2005

my new friend

i adopted a kitten this weekend. i had been thinking about getting one for awhile. well, i wanted a puppy, but it would be way too difficult with me living on the 3rd floor, and being gone 9+ hours a day. so i decided to get a kitten. i found this adoption service, adoptapet, online.

they were actually really strict with the adoption process, and i had to fill out a 5 page application. they had to call my two references, jon and my mom, to see what they said about my experience with animals. and they had to call my work to make sure i was actually employed, and call my landlord to make sure that i lived at the address i had listed, and that the complex allowed animals. so it was quite an ordeal.

nevertheless, my application was approved. the woman at adoptapet suggested that i take hayley, one of the cats listed on the website. she looked pretty cute, and her description sounded good, so i thought we'd make a nice match.

on saturday night jon and i went to the foster home that hayley was at, and met with marisa, the "foster mom". she had about 35 cats living at her house; it was crazy! and she let us see two of the babies, they were just a few weeks old, and the cutest things i had ever seen! they were a little bigger than hamsters, and had huge round heads and funny tails, and they cried the whole time! it was so cute! anyway, i met hayley, and when i tried to pet her she would just swat my arm away. she was really not interested in me at all. then this cute black kitten came over to me and sat in my lap. she was really friendly and nice, and i decided to adopt her. her name is lottie, and here is her picture .

i brought her home on saturday night, and at first she was very scared and wouldn't come out of the cage. we finally coaxed her out, and she proceeded to hide under the dining room table. on sunday, she was a little more friendly, and she slept on the futon with me and jon. sunday night when i went to bed, i grabbed her and put her in the bed with me, to see if she wanted to cuddle. BIG MISTAKE. she woke me up every 45 minutes by stepping on my head and combing my hair with her paws. she was restless and wanted to play! i kept telling her that it was bed time, and hiding under my covers, but she found a way under and continued to step on me!

when i left for work this morning, i couldn't find her. she was probably sleeping somewhere. she's a really sweet kitten and i love her already, but she's not sleeping in my bed ever again!

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