April 25, 2006

sick at work

i'm sitting at work right now counting the hours until i get to go home. i have a horrible sore throat, possibly a fever, and to top it off, "women's problems". i could go home right now and get paid for the rest of the day, but there are two more days that i want to use as sick/vacation days before i leave in june, and i want to make sure that i get paid for them.

for those of you who don't know, "leave in june" means moving to scottsdale, az with my boyfriend jon. he got an awesome job out there as an electrical engineer for general dynamics. i am planning to attend culinary school at scottsdale community college in the fall (if i get in). i'm also going to have to find a part time job. i'm thinking about working at outback again, which was where i worked for 4 years in high school and college. it's kind of weird, but i really miss working there. or maybe i just miss the free/discounted food.

i've never really moved. not a serious move, anyway. i moved into and out of my dorm several times when i went to elmhurst, and last year i moved to an apartment in palatine, but even then we just used my parents' van and adam's suburban, there was no moving truck involved. this is going to be a hard core move. lol. i have a lot of stuff to do before i leave. i would list it all, but then this blog would be super boring... or just more boring than it is now.

42 minutes until lunch. i need some soup.

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