June 22, 2006

23 beers to drink

well i'm halfway through my last day of work. 4 hours left. i'm kind of sad... but not really. mostly i'm excited. tomorrow i'm moving out of my apartment (which is why i have to finish the beer), and then on tuesday jon and i are moving to phoenix. it's kind of surreal. oh, and i'm turning 22 on sunday. weird.

after several attempts at a FAFSA, i have come to the conclusion that i'm not going to get any financial aid for culinary school, and i have to wait until next year when i'm an arizona resident to go to school. at first i was denied aid because i already have a bachelor's degree. so i went through the appeal process, with another application and an essay/letter about why i deserve financial aid, and a form that i had to get signed by the school's director. (thank god for fax machines). and then i got another letter from the financial aid dept. saying that even though i filed the fafsa as an independent, and even though i support myself and i do not live with my parents nor do they claim me on their income tax forms, i am still considered to be a dependent because i am not 24 years old yet. WTF? 24??? so now they are asking for my parents' financial information so they can process my application for a third time, and reject me again.

i'm not going to bother with giving them my parents' financial information, because when you add together my salary, my mom's salary and my dad's salary, it's a decent amount of money. add that on top of me already having a bachelor's degree = no financial aid.

so, i'm going to work for a year until i am an AZ resident and then school will be significantly cheaper. i'm not sure what kind of job i want... definitely not anything in an office. i think the fluorescent lights melt away your soul. seriously.

but, yay for my last day of work and yay for moving. we're leaving tuesday morning and driving 800 miles to oklahoma city. on wednesday we're driving another 800 miles to flagstaff, az, and then on thursday we only have 200 more miles to get to phoenix. i'm very excited, especially for our amazing apartment!!!

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