November 21, 2006

The First Thanksgiving

Well, my first ThanksgivingÖ cooking. Usually I go to my grandparentsí house for Thanksgiving, but now that Jon and I are living in Arizona, thatís really not an option if we want to be able to afford plane tickets home for Christmas too. So weíre having Thanksgiving at our apartment in Phoenix, and Elise and Dave flew down to join us.

Thank god Iím only cooking for four. Lol. I bought a Jennie-O oven ready turkey, which is actually just turkey breasts, but thatís good enough for me. I chose the oven ready turkey because I have heard horror stories of problems that resulted from thawing issues. Anyway, hereís the menu:

Turkey- Jennie-O
Stuffing- Jonís momís recipe
Mashed Potatoes- Trader Joeís
Gravy- half turkey drippings, half pre-made turkey gravy
Sweet Potatoes- Outbackís recipe
Sweet Potatoes- Jonís Momís recipe
Pillsbury Grands Biscuits
Green Bean Casserole- Campbellís Soup recipe
Pumpkin Pie- my grandmaís recipe
White Wine- Trader Joeís, of course

We had to buy a lot of equipment for this dinner: a roasting pan, turkey forks, candles, placemats, napkins, gravy boat, meat thermometer, etc. And I hope I have enough dishes, pots and pans to cook everything in.

Itís kind of interesting to observe the fusion of two families, and how their recipes evolve, and what gets used and kept and what is left at the wayside. I agreed to make Jonís momís stuffing instead of my grandmaís because I thought he would cave with the sweet potatoes. That was probably the biggest food disagreement that we had when planning Thanksgiving. He wants to make the ones with all the junk on them (i.e. marshmallows, nuts, berries, etc). I wanted to make them like Outbackís- baked in the oven for 45 minutes, then topped with honey butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon. But needless to say he didnít cave, and weíre making both.

We are going to have a TON of leftover food.

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