May 14, 2007

don't buy gas tomorrow, you morons!

i'm walking through the grocery store when i pass a woman on her cell phone. she takes the phone away from her ear and turns to me. she tells me not to buy gas tomorrow because there is a nationwide boycott. she continues for 2 minutes, talking about how we'll stick it to the oil companies, etc., then finally continues her phone conversation and i walk away. later in the parking lot i see her again, loading groceries in her--can you guess it?-- SUV.

now don't get me wrong, i'm all for boycotting the oil companies and buying less gas, which is one of the reasons i drive a very small car that gets really good gas mileage. however, i don't understand how someone could be so passionate about boycotting the oil companies that they will interrupt their phone conversation to stop a stranger in the grocery store and tell them not to buy gas AND drive an suv. what!?!

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