October 25, 2007

off the bean

it's been over seven weeks since i've had coffee. pretty amazing, considering i love it and i even wrote a blog about it not too long ago. anyway, i've been on my thyroid-type diet for awhile, and i have cheated with alcohol and sugar, but i've been really good about the coffee.

but i miss it.

whenever i drive past a starbucks i reminisce about how my life used to be when i was on the bean. i used to drink it at work and at home on the weekends and i would eat delicious sugary breakfasts with it... mmm.... now i eat two eggs, whole grain toast and herbal tea.

anyway, i know that my body is better off without it, but it just smells SO good and i miss it a lot. so i've been thinking about switching to decaf and just having one cup every morning. decaf still has caffeine, but obviously not as much as regular coffee.

maybe i'll buy some this weekend.

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October 14, 2007

why second quarter is my favorite

with my two weeks of fall break coming to an end, i started to think ahead to second quarter. i realized that it is the best quarter of the year. this is why:

-only 41 days of work (my last day in 2007 is december 14)
-no parent/teacher conferences
-when the quarter ends it's christmas!

and it's going to be really nice weather in phoenix- 70s and 80s. plus adam and dave are visiting :)

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October 2, 2007


Julia's last blog has inspired me to do one of my own, about Chicago and Phoenix.

Good things in Phoenix:
-palm trees
-my job (i wouldn't be allowed to teach in IL w/ out a real certificate)
-the sugar bowl ice cream parlor
-bamboo club asian restaurant
-gas is 50 cents cheaper than chicago
-no i-pass
-property taxes are cheaper than chicago- we just got our statement- $932
-it stays lighter an hour later in the winter here
-no daylight savings time
-my cute little lizard friends

Things that I miss about Chicago:
-white castle, panera, portillo's, loumalnati's, noodles & co, jimmy johns, potbelly's
-carmen a.k.a. baby a.k.a. margo
-summer and fall weather (but not winter and spring)
-being around people who cheer for the same sports teams as i do- but i must admit there are a TON of cubs fans in phoenix

That's all I can think of right now.

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