October 9, 2008

weight watchers update #4

i made my 10% goal! woo hoo! i've lost 10% of my body weight since starting weight watchers. i started at 131 lbs and i weighed in at 117.6 lbs today for a total loss of 13.4 lbs = 10%! that also means that i only have 2.4 lbs left to lose for my final goal of 115 lbs. i'm surprised it's still coming off every week, especially now that i am so close, i thought it was going to be much more difficult. knock on wood.

unfortunately the next two weeks are going to be hard because i'm going to chicago and then to vegas, and i will be surrounded by a lot of high-point food. but i'm still going to be getting in my exercise so hopefully it will be okay!

i just got my friend jodi to join ww, so now i have officially converted 3 people :) woo hoo!

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