January 07, 2005

finally in spain

well i am in madrid. finally. i donīt really have many interesting spain stories yet, just airplane stories. we left yesterday morning, the flight was scheduled for 1:30pm, but we didnīt take off until 2:30. when i was checking in at the airport, this crazy woman came up to the counter by me and proceeded to stand on the scale that weighs your suitcases. the woman behind the counter just looked at her and then continued talking to me, until it was time to weigh my suitcase when she looked at the crazy woman and yelled at her to get off. i checked one huge bag and i was bringing a smaller bag on the plane with me, which had all of my toilietries, a change of clothes, food and water for the flight, a credit card, my book, my homework, my digital camera, etc. as i was getting on the plane, the flight attendant grabs my bag and tells me that thereīs no way it will fit on the plane and that i absolutely have to check it. i told her i would sit with it at my feet but she said that was unsafe. so i had to give it to her. all i grabbed was my purse, forgetting that i had other important things in the bag. i went on the plane and discovered that the reason i could not bring my bag was because everyone who had gotten on ahead of me had carried on two bags. great.

anyway, we got to atlanta around 5 and then our flight left around 7 for madrid. i still did not have my stuff because it went from under our first plane to under our second plane. this was my first really long flight, even though it was only 7 hours and not that bad. the in flight movie was Without a Paddle, which was okay. i actually enjoyed the plane food. it was better than elmhurst college cafeteria food. the only thing that was unfortunate was that we were flying delta, which is an american company, so they did not allow people under 21 to drink on the flight even when you were over international waters. but iīm in spain now, so itīs okay. i slept about two hours on the plane; it was extremely hard to fall asleep. the flight attendants go around the aisles and try to sell you all this duty free stuff, which i thought was really strange. they had cartons of marlboro cigarettes for 25 dollars, which i guess is really cheap. iīm thinking about buying a bunch on the way back and selling them. but thatīs probably just going to be a pain.

we got to spain at 9 am madrid time, 3am chicago time. customs was really quick, so that was cool. our hotel is nice, but itīs kind of weird too. the room key has to be in the light switch for the lights to work. thatīs kind of a pain. well iīm off to explore spain, itīs 55 degrees right now and beautiful. adios!

Posted by JenMagenta at January 7, 2005 11:14 AM
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