January 08, 2005


day two in madrid, we leave for sevilla tomorrow. it looks like i posted twice in one day, and i did, but the first one i wrote yesterday, it just didnīt work right in the internet cafe.

so yeah, madrid. itīs really cool and crazy. we had continental breakfast at the hotel this morning which consisted of bread, lunchmeat (mostly olive loaf) and tang. then we walked to el museo del prado, which is an art museum in madrid. it was pretty cool, but our tour guide only spoke spanish to us so i think i missed a lot of what she was saying.

last night our group went out for a big dinner, which was interesting. i am still trying to adjust to the spanish food. i pretty much like everything i am not a picky eater, but 20+ clams and various unidentified fish pieces in my small dish of paella is a little much. we got to have wine with dinner which was nice, and i had some really good beer which was made in madrid, called mahou. and it was only 2.50 euros which was surprisingly cheap.

i thought i would be better at speaking in spanish than i am. i feel like a moron every time i open my mouth, and i know the spaniard that i am talking to thinks i am a dumb american. they would probably fall over if they realized i have had 9 years of spanish classes. i think that my classes have focused WAY too much on grammar. i can conjugate hundreds of verbs but i have trouble asking someone a simple question. crazy.

today is basically another free day, but we do not have a group dinner. i think weīre going to have a big lunch and then have some tapas later on tonight. tomorrow we are taking the train to sevilla, which travels 180 miles per hour. and then when we get off the train they put us in taxis and send us to meet our family. i am really excited about meeting my family. i found out a little information about them. the mother is 47 and is a teacher and the father is 52 and works at a food company. they live in a flat with their 13 year old daughter and small dog. (which i am quite exicited about- i love dogs so much!) their apartment is 10 minutes walking distance from our school, so that will be a nice quick walk. other people in my group have a 25-30 minute walk. yuck.

well i think itīs time for me to continue my quest for citibank, which is supposedly on the same street as my hotel, but i have not found it. i will probably post on monday or tuesday, we get free internet at the university- yay! adios!

Posted by JenMagenta at January 8, 2005 05:49 AM

Dear Jennie,
It is almost 9 o'clock in the morning. You are now in Seville, I think your time is 7 hours later. Today is filled with all sorts of new things
Getting to adjust to a new city and a place in the host family. Wish you all the best. Keep posted. Love you,
grandma and grandpa

Posted by: grandma at January 9, 2005 08:54 AM
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