January 9, 2005

the family

today we took the train from madrid to sevilla, which was awesome. we got to see so much of spain, and it was beautiful. we went through the mountains and through little towns and farms. the train travels 180 mph and is super smooth. i donīt know why u.s. trains are so lame. i remember taking the train from chicago to st. louis, and it took 8 hours! but anyway, we got off the train and our professors put us in cabs and said good luck.

i was dropped off in front of a strange apartment, and i was SOOOO scared. i found their call button on the wall and pressed it, and they said "hola" and i was like crap what am i supposed to say now? i decided to say "me llamo jennifer _____" and they were like "bueno", and then they buzzed me in. i lugged my 50 lb suitcase up the first couple stairs, then i found the elevator. i knocked on the door to their apartment, and the senora came out and kissed me. her three children were there too, a 13 year old girl, a 25 year old girl, and a 30 year old guy. the 25 year old girl is studying to be an english teacher so she was able to talk to me a little in english. they showed me my room, which was small, but i have a big bed. and i have my own bathroom, which is awesome. their apartment is pretty big, four bedrooms and two bathrooms. the senora made me lunch, two hard boiled eggs and some ham, and after i ate she insisted i take a nap because i looked so tired. so i did. i woke up and had some coffee and chocolate with her and her husband, and then i played fetch with the dog, napo. they taught me how to tell him to put the ball down on the ground so i didnīt have to grab it out of his slimy mouth, you just tell him "Ąhecha!"

i am at the internet cafe again, i am really obsessed with internet and i could not wait another day to go online. i know thatīs really bad... oh well. tonight we are meeting with our group at 9 pm, mostly so that the teachers know that our families are safe and stuff. i am looking forward to meeting with everyone because today has been so scary and crazy. our classes start tomorrow, which will be good. we will have breakfast with our families, then go to class from 9-1, then we go back to the families for the big lunch. after lunch we go out on trips with our group... but i am not sure where we are going though. then after our trips everyone goes out at night for tapas. the nights were insane in madrid because from 10pm-12am EVERYONE goes out for tapas, you can hardly walk down the street. but itīs cool. last night we went out with our group and the restaurant gave us free sangria, which many people took advantage of. then a bunch of people went out to the clubs in madrid, but i did not want to pay 18 euros for that. and they said that the drinks were 9 euros each. no way! well i guess thatīs it for today. i miss you all a lot!

Posted by JenMagenta at January 9, 2005 12:38 PM

I can't even imagine being dropped off in front of an apartment like that. I'd probably end up sleeping on the street before I could ring their bell.

You're not missing much back home. It's cold and overcast. This morning (sunday) dave keeps talking about how obsessed the greeks are with a certain male body part. He showed me pictures too. Definitely not a morning conversation, with pictoral references, I want to have ever again.

I'm guessing not, but is the dog named after napoleon? That would be insane if he/she was cuz my parents had a cocker spaniel named napoleon that they called napi. Not sure why it was napi and not napo. . .

Posted by: Jon at January 9, 2005 1:05 PM

Hi! I can just see you at the apartment building having to get the courage to ring their bell. I can picture me coming from Germany, arriving in North Carolina and not seeing anyone in the railroad station looking for me. Than I somehow got a cab and tried to explain where I should be going. After greeting me they served something special - oysters - that I never had and did not want to try. I swalloved couple and smiled and thanked to show how good they were, and tried to explain that I was not hungry.
I hope you had a better luck with the hard boiled eggs and ham. It seems that the family is verey nice, try to overlook the cultural differences.
We all love you and send you our warmest wishes.
grandma, grandpa and uncle Eriks

Posted by: grandma at January 9, 2005 3:39 PM

Hey Jennie. Hope you have an awesome time. I was woken to a txt message and/or phone call today on jon's phone by someone at 8am, hehe, I guess it was you.

I'm suprised you rung the bell. I can also imagine you standing there not wanting to ring the bell.

We need to working on coordinating when you are online so I don't keep missing your IMs!

Posted by: dave at January 9, 2005 9:18 PM
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