January 28, 2005


i am home, the trip is over. one girl in our group was not allowed to leave with us because she is a mexican citizen with her visa, which she did not bring. i guess someone gave her the wrong info. she was really upset but there was nothing we could do to, we had to get on our plane. bad situation.

the plane ride was 9 1/2 hours- horrible. but the food was good, we had salad, orange chicken, bread and butter, cheese and crackers, and cake. then for a snack we had vegetable pizza and cookies. i was so bored on the plane that i just kept drinking diet coke, so i had to use the bathroom 5 times. not good. the plane landed in atlanta at 2:45pm chicago time, 9:45pm madrid time. then we took a connecting flight back to chicago which arrived at 6:30pm chicago time.

it is so weird to be back home. i have jet lag, which is obviously why i am writing this at 5:30am. i went to the bathroom and tried to flush the toilet on top, like how spanish toilets are. i was confused. i guess i am glad to be home, but i miss spain. it's REALLY cold here too.

second semester starts on monday, and i can't say i am looking forward to it. i really enjoyed my trip and i didn't really want to come home. i want to thank my parents for forcing me to go (i was really nervous and didn't want to go on the plane ride). so thanks mom and dad, i really enjoyed spain. i hope everyone can come back with me soon!

Posted by JenMagenta at January 28, 2005 05:44 AM
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