June 3, 2004

The Not-so-exciting conclusion to The Exciting Conclusion

When we left our hero he was at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

So after taking a million and a half pictures from the top of the tower we went down. Ming and Suzanne left early because they wanted to make sure to see the Garden of Rodin. We agreed to meet at the airport terminal at 7 p.m. Our flight left at 9:50. While they went to the Garden Santiago, Andrea, and I wandered around the parks near the tower. We ended up sitting in one for an hour or so. Santiago watched some people play soccer and I took a few pictures and slept. When we got up we decided to head toward the Metro station so we could meet Suzanne and Ming at the airport. On the way we decided we were hungry and looked around the neighborhood for somewhere to eat. We tried to find something in expensive but because it was Paris, that was impossible. At the restaurant we ate at my Coke cost me 4.50 euro. There was also an egg yoke on top of my pasta. But it was quite good. The service was slow, again because this was Paris. Actually, half way through our meal we saw our waiter standing on the sidewalk outside the restaurant with his jacket on, smoking a cigarette and talking on the phone. Long story short, we ended up getting to the airport about an hour late. Needless to say, Suzanne and Ming were less than pleased. Things were a little tense at the airport. At one point Santiago told them he wasn't going to apologize for being late, because he didn't feel bad about it. On the way to the gate, we were on the conveyor and I noticed that you could feel the wheels moving the belt. It felt nice. "Like a foot massage," I believe I said. So I stuck my foot that was very soar from wandering around Paris closer to the edge. Next thing I knew, I felt a jerk on my foot. I pulled my shoe away and saw a small tear in the side! "I just got these two weeks ago," I pointed out. Santiago thought it was hilarious and burst out laughing about it about 5 times throughout the night.
While we were at the gate waiting to board I noticed a man getting frustrated because airport security was giving him a hard time. They were checking his passport very carefully and asking him a lot of questions. I think they even asked him for a business card or another form of ID. He asked them if they were doing this because he was "brown and [had] an Italian nationality." I hate to say it but I was a little concerned. I kept an eye on the guy the whole time we were on the plane. It's probably not right of me to be so suspicious of people but I figured there had to be a reason he was getting a hassle from security. We got back to London safely, 5 minutes after we took off from Paris (yay 1 hour time difference). On the long Tube ride home from the airport I listened in on a conversation that these four young British guys returning from a Bank Holiday weekend in Glassgow were having. They were discussing the idea of opening a pub. They also talked about long distance relationships and their perils and what to do about a friend of theirs who is under the thumb of his girlfriend. They were also talking about how sometimes they just need to get out of London. It was interesting to hear these guys so far from home having conversations that were almost identical to conversations I've had with my friends at home.

When I finally got back to the house at 4 Knaresborough Place, I had to study for the test we had the next day. That didn't last very long. I read a couple essays that I hadn't read yet and then I went to bed. Getting up for class in the morning was rough. It ended up going ok. After class I did a little grocery shopping and then Ming and I went to the British Museum. It was amazing. We saw the friezes and the other sculptures from the Parthenon, the Rosetta Stone, Discus, the artifacts from the Burial Ship of Sutton Hoo, and a bunch of other really amazing artifacts of the ancient world. We didn't get to spend as much time as I would have liked because Ming promised Suzanne that we would meet her for Happy Hour. We went to this basement bar on Cromwell Rd. We had to write commentaries for class that night so I meant to only have a drink or two and then come here to the computer lab. We ended up staying for quite a while. Right before Happy Hour ended, I went up to get a couple more drinks and there was a different guy behind the bar. When Lindsey and I paid off our tabs with him, he only charged us for the drinks we had just ordered. So I got away with paying 7.50 for a buger and fries and about 5 drinks. By the time I got to the computer lab I wasn't in much condition to write a commentary or read an essay. I tried talking to Mike online since he was on for the first time since I got here. Ming took over the keyboard and told him I was too naked to type. Let's just say she was in no condition to write a commentary either. Then the internet stopped working. A couple other people had finished their commentaries or decided to give up and headed to a pub for another drink. I stayed for a while and tried to get back online to no avail. I gave up and Ming and I joined Greg, Lindsey, and Suzanne at a place called the Black Widow that we've been to a couple times. I had one more drink. While I was at the bar ordering Suzanne gave Greg a hickey for no reason.
We left the bar and headed back home. For a long time I pretended like I was doing my reading for class. Almost everyone else just kept drinking. After some more craziness I finally got to sleep.
Wednesday was a rough morning for a lot of people, especially Greg, who just kept drinking till like 2 after we got back from the pub. I pretended like I read the book. After class, Greg, Ming, and I needed to come here to the computer lab to do our commentaries we blew off the night before. We stopped on the way at an Indian restaurant that had very good lamb curry but very slow service. I came here and wrote probably the worst commetary I've written the whole class. When we got done it was too late to try to go to the Victoria and Albert Museum like I had planned so we just headed back home. I tried to read for a little while but didn't get much done. I made a sandwich for dinner and then Suzanne, Ming, Rachel, Rasheed, and I went to the Reduced Shakespeare Company to see The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged). The show was HILARIOUS and I would recommend anyone see it if they get the chance. Before the show we had drink at a place called the Sports Cafe. I wanted a mojito but they didn't have the stuff, so I was like The Dude and got a White Russian. Actually, two white Russians because they were having a "2-4-1" deal. I think it had actually ended by the time I ordered but the bartender was nice and gave it to me anyway. After the show we came back and I read and watched a really interesting documentary on a movie called Medium Cool. I really want to see the movie now.
Time for dinner and then out for the night. See you all later.

Posted by dpetrella at June 3, 2004 7:34 PM

dan, i love how you mention exactly what you ate for each meal. it's really funny.

Posted by: Jen at June 4, 2004 6:31 AM
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