June 7, 2004


"Oh Dublin town be heaven with coffee at eleven
And a stroll on Stephen's Green
There is no need to hurry
There is no need to worry
You're a king and the lady's a queen
You're off to see the wonderland
There's magic in the air
There's diamond's in the lady's eyes
And daiseys in her hair
If you don't believe me come yourself to meet me
There in Dublin on a sunny summer morning"

-"Dublin Saunter"

Friday afternoon I went out in search of the bookstores on Charring Cross Rd. I wandered around Trafalger Square for a while. I couldn't find Charring Cross Rd. but I did find a store selling the French flag patch I couldn't find anywhere in Paris. Finally I found the street I was looking for but only had time to check out two stores before I had to head back home to leave for the airport. For Dublin!

Ming and I rode the Tube to the airport and sat around for a few hours before our flight. I went into the bookstore there and bought 3 books. I bought "The Time of Our Singing" by Richard Powers, which I started and is excellent, "Vernon God Little" and "The Da Vinci Code." The flight was short and uneventful, although the landing was a little rough. I thought we were going to run off the end of the runway. We caught a coach to Trinity College and then walked to our hostel in Temple Bar. We thought we had reserved the room for 2 nights but when we got there they told us it was only for one. We were a little freaked out but decided to worry about that later. We went and dropped our stuff in our room and then found the rest of our group in the common room. They were watching the end of Pulp Fiction. They had an earlier flight and been out for dinner and a few pints before we got there around 12:30 a.m. Luckily they had the same problem in making their reservation, so when they got there Lindsey booked a room at a different hostel for all of us the next night. Lindsey, Ming, Suzanne, and Allison decided to go to bed. Greg, Santiago, and I went out for another pint. We went to a packed pub and each got a pint. I ordered my first black and tan. It was amazing. We stayed just long enough for a pint. While we were there this really drunk girl who bore a striking resemblence to Paris Hilton grabbed my sides as she walked passed me, making her way through the crowd to the bathroom or something. When I turned around to see who just touched me she grabbed my face like she was Michael Corleone and I was Fredo. She said something that I didn't hear and walked away. Very odd. After we finished we headed in for the night. In the morning we got up and took our stuff to the new hostel. From there we hopped on the bus tour of the city. It was pretty interesting, although the commentary was prerecorded so it wasn't quite as good as the one in London. We hopped off the tour at the Guiness Storehouse. A shrine to the black stuff that has changed Ireland. It was awesome. The museum inside tells all about how it's made and the history of the advertising. We ate one of the best meals I've had this whole trip in the restaurant. The best part was the free pint at the end. I got to drink two because Greg had some at lunch and didn't want his. The Gravity Bar on the top floor has an amazing view of the city and the surrounding hills. I took a few pictures. In the gift shop I might an employee from Lombard who went to Willowbrook. Weird. On the way out we decided to replicate a picture we saw some other people taking while we were waiting to get in. Santiago, Greg, and I stood under the Guiness logo on the outside wall with our backs to the camera and pretended like we were pissing. Everyone waiting to get in thought it was hilarious. Some woman shouted at us to drop our pants. I felt kind of bad taking credit for someone else's joke, but it was still awesome. After that we hopped back on the bus tour and took it to the Old Jameson Distillery. The tour there was awesome as well. I got chosen to do a whiskey tasting and I got to try 4 kinds of Irish whiskey, some scotch, and some bourbon. I chose Jameson as my favorite and I got a certificate. I also got a good buzz. For free! After that we headed back to the hostel and then went out to dinner at a pub and hit up a few others. One place had a great Irish singer and guitar player. I would have liked to stay there longer but other people wanted to leave. We ended up staying the longest at a place just south of the River Liffey called Fitzgerald's. There was a DJ there who played a lot of our requests. After we left there we went to a dance club type place. They didn't want to let me in and lied and said I only had 5 drinks. I didn't stay long because I was tired and Lindsey wanted to leave and I wasn't going to let her walk back to the hostel alone. The others came back much later and got lost on the way. The ended up talking to some homeless guy and some Lithuanians for a long time. I wanted to get up for mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral in the morning but I forgot to set my alarm. Oops. In the morning everyone else had to fly back at 12:30 or so. They left for the airport right after we checked out of the hostel. Ming and I headed to the Dublin Writers Museum. It was really interesting. They had all sorts of stuff about Yeats and Joyce and Beckett. It was really cool. After that we had lunch and headed to Trinity College to see the Book of Kells. Looking at the 1200 year our book was crazy. The intricate detail was so astounding that it didn't look like it could have been done by hand. Afterwards we sat on the lawn outside the Old Library until we had to leave. Then we went and relaxed in St. Stephen's Green until it was time to catch our plane back to London. The flight was delayed 25 minutes so by the time we got back, the Tube wasn't running to central London any more. We had to take a bus. We got home about 1 and I was incredibly congested. I got this cold in Paris that I just can't seem to shake. I went to bed after a quick phone call to the parents to let them know I was back in London and a bit of reading.

Posted by dpetrella at June 7, 2004 2:10 PM

OO, the Da Vinci Code. I started reading that, up to chapter 20. Lucky you will get a better picture though, as you have actually been to Paris. It's pretty cool. Hard to put down.


Posted by: Mallio at June 7, 2004 6:23 PM

You went to the old jameson distillery? Must have been quite a bus ride from Dublin. Anywho, I went there too and have the same certificate!!! although I chose Bushmills or Powers as my fav.

Posted by: Jon at June 9, 2004 5:03 AM

No, no. I went to the Old Distillery in Dublin. They don't actually make the stuff there anymore, but they have a museum that explains the process. The real distillery is in County Cork I believe.

Posted by: Dan at June 10, 2004 6:01 PM
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