September 19, 2004

Friday Night is All Right

Friday Night's are usually a good time. It's the longest possible time away from having more class. This Friday was bound to be particularly interesting for a number of reasons. First of all, Jodi has started to come out of mono retirement so we new she'd be coming out with us. Also Debbie is here from Bradley visiting Carrie and visitors are always fun and always seem to liven up the situation. And on the subject of visitors, Adam's dad and sister are here visiting, which we knew might make coming home from the bars a little more eventful then normal.

The night started kind of slowly with dinner at Bobo China. Carrie, Debbie, Amanda, and Elise actually ordered food off the menu. I didn't know people actually did that. After dinner I came back home and bummed around for a few hours. Adam's dad showed up and made fun of me about how messy my room was. It was Friday and I was in the middle of doing laundry. I mean, come on. So eventually we all decided to go to Clybourn later after Jodi and Rachel vetoed Brothers and Legends and I vetoed CO's, Kam's, and Station. Mike, Dave, and I went to pregame at Swanky Bubbles (aka Jodi and Rachel's apartment) and we were going to meet up with Holler, Rob and the gang later. Rachel taught us a cool game called Lottery. Here's how it goes:

-Lay the cards out in a circle in the middle of the table
-The first person picks a suit
-Everyone draws a card till that suit is drawn. Whoever picks the card of that suit has to drink the number on the card
-Everyone else counts one number at a time going around the circle.
-If the drinker finishes before the group has counted to the number on the card, then whoever's turn it was has to drink the number on that card.
-The drinker has to say another suit before setting down their drink. If they forget the have to drink the last card's number again.
-If someone in the group says the wrong number while counting, they drink the number on the card.

The game was a lot of fun and Mike sucked at it really bad. Really bad. He always forgot to say a suit before he put his cup down or didn't know what number he was supposed to say. He drank a lot. He got so drunk we came up with a nickname for his drunk personality. Cooter Mike. Real Mike left us, but Cooter Mike was partying it up all night long. When we finished the game Jodi and Rachel decided they wanted to meet their neighbor. They were out creeping around in the hallway while we waited inside. Rachel came running through the door and jumped into my lap. I had no idea what was going on. Mike ran into the hall and started yelling something about Fitz. Mike and I met Fitz freshmen year when he knew Betsy and Andy. Turns out, he lives next door to Jodi and Rachel this year. We also met his roommate Andrew. Jodi thought he was kinda hot but then decided later that he was sort of creepy. We went over to check out their apartment and hung out for a while. We told them that we would be a Clybourn later. Then we headed out to meet Holler and the crew over there.

We walked in and it was pretty empty in the place. Elise tired to get in with Jen's ID but got turned away. Holler says she hesitated a little with the zipcode. Kind of unusual for the Cly on a Friday night but I've seen it that way before. It was hard to get drinks at frist because pretty much all of us got shut down by the bartenders. Luckily Tom Steele was there and happened to know someone who was working, so he hooked us up a few times. We were all hanging out and having a good time. Rob and Tony left because Tony wasn't feeling well. Man was he hitting on Jodi and Rachel a lot. So a few minutes after he left, this creepy old looking guy came up and started talking to Jodi. I couldn't really hear what he was saying. I did notice him smell her drink though. Then she started walking away with him. I was really confused and nervous. I asked what was going on and someone said something about her getting a free drink. I decided to follow them to make sure she was ok because this guy was majorly creepy. I followed them toward the bar and then they turned and started to go outside. I started freaking out. I ran back to everybody and this is when I realized she was getting....a drinking ticket. I found Rachel and we went outside and saw them taking her into a big State Police van. We decided to stand across the street and wait for her to get out. We started pooling our money. Mike and I both called Carrie to tell her and Debbie to leave the bar. I pulled out the $20 I had left in my wallet. Everyone else started handing over whatever they had. I ran to the ATM and grabbed $40 more. When I got back , Jodi was out of the van and hugging Rachel. We went back to Jodi's apartment and she was still very shaken up.

When we got the apartment, she went to her room to get a big bag of quarters. Debbie and Carrie sat on the floor of the apartment and counted out all the money. While they did this, Mike, Jared, Holler, Rachel, and Dave went out to Green Street to "show boobs for money." Carrie and Debbie figured out that between the money we'd all pitched in and the quarters that Jodi had we had the $280. We ran down to the street to get everybody else. They had collect like $3.65 or something. We all decided to drink more to celebrate. This led to much insanity. Like people eating pickles out of each other's mouths and olive juice being spilled all over the floor. Rachel taped a piece of paper saying "Free Jodi" on it to her stomach. Somehow this evolved into Mike putting on a pair of "Kiss pants." That escalted into shiny silver pants, a fishnet shirt, a lot of make up, a pink feather boa, a horsewhip, i purple feathery fan and some crazy tall boots. I must say, it was possibly the most humorous thing I have ever seen. I think he might have even been wearing fake eyelashes. Carrie wrote "Balls" on his forehead. I will add a picture to this entry as soon as I get one from somebody.

We left Swanky Bubbles around 3:30 or so I think. We stopped at Niro's Gyros on the way home and the manager let us in even though they were closed. It was a good time.

Posted by dpetrella at September 19, 2004 3:42 AM | TrackBack

aw.. AW...

now how are you going to top that for Mike's bday celebration next weekend!?!

And get some freakin pictures up already!!!

Posted by: Marv at September 19, 2004 4:38 AM

good question marv, seeing as i wont be there... luckily this guy will be there to livin up the party:

Posted by: hollimer at September 20, 2004 12:07 AM

the full ensemble:

Posted by: Hollimer at September 20, 2004 12:10 AM
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