September 22, 2004

It's Saturday night and I'm already stumbling...

Saturday was the first day in a long time that I was able to just sit around and not really do anything. It was kind of nice. I went to Bobo again for lunch because Mike, Jodi, and Rachel were going. We had fun recounting the events of the previous evening, laughing loudly, and possibly scaring some old people. I probably shouldn't yell profanities in public. After we were done Mike and I headed home and decided to watch The Graduate. It was an awesome movie and I definitly see why it's considered to be one of the best of all time. I could also see some of the reasons people compared Garden State to it. Some of the shots Zach Braff used almost seemed lifted right out of The Graduate. Adam and his family came back from the game while we were watching the movie and there was a bit of talking, mostly because the Illini actually managed to win. I couldn't quite focus on the film as much as I would have liked but I still really loved it. Dustin Hoffman was amazing.

The Cubs lost Saturday, which sucked. Around ten we headed to floor parties at Triangle. Mike, Jared, Corey, Dave, and I went and we met Holler, Carrie, Debbie, Elise, and Rob there. (An important point to note at this juncture is that Sarah and Holler broke that afternoon, so needless to say Holler was upset and ready to get - as Kordik phrased it - stone-aged.) We went inside and had the lay out of the party explained to us. Different floors, different drinks, different themes. I found the keg on the second floor and I was happy. We made a few toasts to things like "the semicolon" and "the blue longsleeved shirt, striped." Soon the largest game of Flip Cup/Taps I have ever seen started. It was roughly guys against girls with like 12 people on each side. We were taking up 3 long tables. When it got to me the first time, I couldn't flip my cup for the life of me and we lost. We ended up loosing 4 out of the 5 games we played. The girls were totally cheating though because they each only had like 2 sips of beer in their cups. We also had this one guy on our team who smacked the cup really hard every time and could not get it to land upside down. That really hurt us. After we finished getting womped on Holler asked Charles to bust out the beer bong because the "Girl with the cleavage" (aka Debbie) really wanted to do one. Charles got it but Carrie and Debbie refused to do it in public so we all marched all the way up to the top floor of the house. There was some crazy room up there with some sort of leveled thing covered in purple carpet. It was pretty fun to hang out on. The beer bongs started flowing and it was crazy. Sometime during this part of the party I got a drunk dial from Tim Freedlund and his brother John. Awesome. I would have met up with them at the bars but I was concerned about Holler. When I went downstairs to get more to drink, some freshmen from Willowbrook were hanging around. Chris DeFalco and Mike Pietrantoni were there. Very bizarre. There were some people smoking up in one of the rooms and Rob told me "You love pot, Dan!" I don't. Not at all. Back up stairs things were getting a little crazy. Jared was talking to a girl who said she was from London. I thought that was pretty cool but I never really got around to talking to her about London. I did give Jared two important pieces of information though. They call the subway "the tube" and they call money "quid." Holler was getting very touchy-feely. Debbie and Carrie decided to go meet up with Tom Steele for a little bit. We kept hanging out in the cool upstairs room at Triangle. We went and hung out on the sundeck for a little bit which was really cool. There was a canoe out there which prompted Mike to sing a little bit of that Troubled Hubble song. Holler laid down in the canoe and I thought it would have been really funny if he passed out there. No such luck. There was more beer bonging, running around, drinking, and plain old craziness. Eventually, Holler got ill and we had to have Dave and Tony take him home. At this point we searched for Rob and for Jared but they were nowhere to be found. We thought they both might be hooking up.
Carrie and Debbie came back and Mike, Elise, and I left the party to go to the house. I went running around our neighborhood looking for an ATM so I could pay for the Pokey Sticks we ordered. When I got back to the house I found out that Adam's dad was still awake. Apparently Carrie walked out of the bathroom and fell down right in front of him. We hung out upstairs for a while and then when the Pokey Sticks came we ate them in Jon's bedroom. After that we went to bed. Elise shacked with me again.
The next morning Jared came home and we found out that the "English" chick was an imposter. Turns out she was just some IMSA girl that happened to be at the party. When Jared found this out he stole her pack of cigarettes and went and played X-Box in some guys room till 5 o'clock in the morning. He doesn't actually remember any of this, but he wrote himself a note on his computer so he would remember in the morning. Later in the afternoon Holler came by to try to put his night back together. Turns out he didn't remember anything after the first beer bong, except for falling in the canoe.

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