September 30, 2004

i've got scarves and caps and sweaters

Today I wore a sweater for the first time since winter. This is one of the happiest times of year for me. Fall is by far my favorite season. I love the days that are sunny but cool. I love the colors of the leaves before they start to fall. I love going to football games and sweating or getting sunburn. I know for most people spring is the time when they start to yearn for the opposite sex but I always want to fall in love in autumn. I think I love the nostalgia of fall. Looking back on high school football games and the girls I dated in high school and the girls I wish I'd dated. Walking out of the auditorium at Willowbrook in my red flannel jacket as the sun was setting and getting into to my brother's beat up old Firebird to drive home. I remember playing football in people's backyards senior year and sitting around a bonfire in Jared's backyard talking till our parents made us come home. My brother Ralph wrote a song that I think is one of the best things I've ever read or heard about fall. It's called "Autumn Days."

Got the windows down
And the radio loud
The wind blows through your hair at 63 degrees

Memories return
On your mind they burn
You smile half a smile and hit the gas

Everything you do today
Has the sense of never ending
You smell the scent of burning leaves
As the timeless world moves forward
The sun sets in the air and on the trees
On endless autumn days

Frost upon the ground
As you hear the sound
Of marching bands drifting on the breeze

Brushes on your soul
Something makes you whole
You pull your jacket tighter as you walk along

You are no longer there alone
Something passes now beside you
You catch the fragrance of her hair
See the smiling face before you
Remember how the sun would catch her eyes
Those endless autumn days

Watch your breath float by
As you bitter-sweetly sigh
A chill reminds you that you're still alive

Sunlight's fading now
You're driving out of town
With new beginnings waiting on the other side

But everything you come across
Seems to start you reminiscing
You hear a song that takes you back
To the times when things were simple
The former and the present
Seem to be one endless autumn day

Forever etched into your heart
All the joy and all the sorrow
And just how it felt to be with her
On endless autumn days

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