November 02, 2004

When fire and the ocean floor collide

Halloween kicked ass. Hands down. I didn't put tons of effort into my costume but the fact that Rach and Carrie were mobsters too made it awesome. We were ready to take out anyone we needed to. I was probably the least drunk out of everyone both nights this weekend which was interesting and fun for me. It was hilarious to see Brend so drunk he started talking like Mitch Hedburg and ending every sentence with "haha!" Jared was hitting on girls like crazy but not just for himself, for everyone else at the party too. Even people we didn't know. It was awesome. Saturday was another crazy closed party at Triangle. Good times. I thought some shit was going to go down but everything turned out to be ok. The night ended with Mike streaking home from the Republican building. Hands down one of the funniest things I have ever witnessed in my life. It was also hilarious Sunday morning at about 10 when Holler came strolling into the living room even though no one that was in there even knew he came back to the BFH that night. Sunday was a relaxing day of chinese food and Ghostbusters. Mike and I went over to Swanky Bubbles at night and ate pizza and watched some horror flicks. Good times. Let me just say, tickle wars are dangerous.

I got this fortune on Sunday and I liked it. I hope it's true.

"Good things are being said about you" bed! (just kidding)


Paris - Backdrop (yeah, I'm goin old school on that one)

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