May 16, 2005

when work is not worth the work, appreciate your legs and walk away

Apparently this is the week where the TV networks decide their schedules for the fall. I was doing a little reading on and found some stuff that I found to be a little surprising. First of all, the best news is that it seems that Fox is going to be renewing Arrested Development. I think this is one of the most innovative and funny shows on TV right now. I regret that I didn't start to watch it regularly until near the end of the second season. I've got some catching up to do over the summer before the start of the third season.
It also appears that NBC will be renewing The Office, which is awesome because it was my favorite new show this season. It's unconventional style puts some people off, but I think it's awesome.
My first bit off disappointment came when I found out that NBC did not renew Committed, which was in the time slot following Scrubs prior to the premiere of The Office. I'll admit that I wasn't sure I liked the show at first, but after watching a couple episodes I began to really like the characters. I especially liked the fact that the show took the risk of making you dislike the black character who was in a wheelchair. Typically on TV someone like this would only be portrayed only in a glowing light. It was interesting to see him be the antagonist.
I was also disappointed - and so was Dick Wolf apparently - that NBC passed didn't pick up Law & Order - Trial by Jury. A Law & Order spinoff getting the can is unheard of. From what I saw of the show during the its two hour crossover special with L&O - SVU, I enjoyed it. It was definitely on par with the other series in the franchise. Maybe 4 L&O shows is just too much.
Quintuplets was cancelled, which makes me very happy. I love Andy Richter but the show was horrendous. Andy Richter Controls the Universe was 100 times better. He can do a lot better than this piece of crap.
The most disturbing piece of news is that Scrubs, although it has already been renewed, is not currently on NBC's fall line-up schedule. TV Guide says that the network insists that it will be back in the line-up sometime next season. The Tuesday night 9 p.m. (8 central) slot is currently slated for a show called My Name is Earl, starring Jason Lee. I love Jason Lee and I love the idea of him starring in a sitcom. I do not love it being programmed in the Scrubs timeslot. There are plenty of other places the show could have gone. Is The Apprentice: Martha Stewart really necessary? I think it's almost guranteed to be a steaming pile of shit. If I was in charge over at NBC I'd dump that crap and use that hour of programming time to keep Committed and debut My Name is Earl. If there's one thing that's sure, it's that Scrubs should not be tampered with. Other than the Law & Order shows, which have been staples of the network for years, Scrubs is probably the best thing they have going for them. They shouldn't jeopardize that.
I know. I think about TV way too much. But that's my 500 cents on the fall programming decisions that I care about.


Late - Ben Folds

Seriously, listen to Songs for Silverman already. You'll thank me. 100 times.

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The was an article in the Trib today about NBC's fall line-up. Apparently the network slipped from 1st to 4th place in the rating this passed season, which kind of has everyone there in a panic.
Here's what the article has to say about Scrubs:
" NBC is benching till midseason its vastly superior [to Joey], but less popular, comedy "Scrubs," in part because star Zach Braff will be shooting a movie."
Here's the article.

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