August 4, 2006

this is a public service announcement, this is only a test

I don't know if you've all heard, but University police at U of I have signed up for facebook account with their e-mail addresses. This is a lot scary than employers using facebook, if you ask me. Anyway, they've already handed out one ticket for obstruction of justice to a kid who lied to them about knowing a person they caught peeing in the bushes.
Here is a story about it from the Daily Illini
The Tribune did a story on it too. (Two days later.)
The DI reporter who wrote the story has posted a list of e-mail addresses belonging to University police officers on his facebook profile and also in his blog. Check that out for updates on the story. But for your personal information, so you can block this officers from being able to see your facebook account here's the list of e-mail addresses to block:

To block them, go to My Privacy at the bottom of the menu on the left side of the page. Go down to Block People and search each e-mail address. This will give you the option of being able to block them from seeing your profile.
For those of you who attend other colleges, I suggest you find out if the university police at your school are given .edu e-mail addresses (as staff members of the university, they probably are) and do the same thing. I have no reason to block these people from seeing my profile, but I might just out of principle.

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Thanks for spreading the good word on the police on facebook. It's funny, I have been telling everyone I know to block the police, but yet I have not done it myself.

Posted by: Kiyoshi Martinez at August 7, 2006 4:22 PM
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