August 7, 2006

say goodnight, but mean goodbye

I don't know how this happened. Apparently, one of my favorite bands has been broken up for a year, and I had absolutely no idea.
Realizing that it had been a while since I looked at band Web sites, I was doing a little searching when I decided to go to The Get Up Kids Web site. I can't believe this is how I found out that they played their last show last July in Kansas City. I had no idea. I've been listening to The Get Up Kids for 6 or 7 years now and I've always enjoyed their music immensely. They've matured a lot since the days of Four Minute Mile. Although their most recent album Guilt Show was slightly more forgetable than Something to Write Home About and On a Wire, it was still a pretty solid album, and it's sad to see them go. And especially sad to find out about it a YEAR after it happened.
This tells me one thing. I need to stay more current with what's going on in music.
Well, at least The New Amsterdams and Reggie and the Full Effect are still going strong. Personally, I know I'll be playing some Get Up Kids when I get home tonight.

I'm a Loner Dottie, a Rebel - The Get Up Kids

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