August 15, 2006

it's in the photograph

What you can tell about me from my Facebook profile

I spend time sitting by ponds.
I like to eat a lot. (Interests: food of all kinds, Niro's Gyros at 2 a.m., Diet Coke, Taco Bell. Favorite Quotes: People are bastard coated bastards with bastard fillings. Groups: Bobo Eaters of America, Champaign needs a White Castle, Dos Reales, Lost in the Supermarket, Nobody, and I Mean Nobody, Puts Ketchup On a Hot Dog, Portillo's Rocks My Face off, and We Love Pokey Stix!)
I list a lot of bands, tv shows, book and movies so I can try to look hip.
I even like movies with titles in other languages! How hip can I get?
I work for a confusing company with many different names.
My exact home address.
I took a lot of care and creativity in creating my AIM screen name. I took a nickname AND added my birthday.
I've read books, beause I can list quotes from them!
John Elton is a racial popster.
I have 164 friend at U of I. Or at least 164 people who I added that weren't mean enough to say no.
I have a girlfriend who can do something no one else seems to be able to, take good pictures of me.
I have a blog AND I work at a newspaper. Seriously, how am I not the hippest person alive?
I still like Ska.
I read poetry, which means I'm too cool for you.
I majored in not making money.
I'm the only person at U of I who listed Wordplay as one of their favorite movies.
I don't care if joining a group (I heart Detective Stabler) makes me look gay. If I wanna join it, I'm gonna.

So Long, So Long - Dashboard Confessional (featuring Adam Duritz)
It's on the new album. It's pretty cool.

Which leads to one more thing you can tell about me from my facebook profile:
I still like Dashboard.

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