January 5, 2007

this must be it, welcome to the new year

Jennie's recent post has inspired me to take a look forward at the upcoming year.

What immediately comes to mind is that 2007 will be the first year since the mid-1980s that I haven't been a student. While I spend a good portion of 2006 out of school, I won't be in a classroom at all in '07, at least not as a student. There was a chance I was going to be in grad school in the fall, but I've decided to wait on that another year or two.

So what does this year have in store for me? It's difficult to say. I'd like to stay at my current job about another six months and then move on to something else. I've seen a few good prospective jobs during my first six months working here, and I'm hoping some similar positions will be available in May or June when I start seriously looking for my next step.

What I'm most not looking forward to about this year is starting to pay back my student loans. The amount of money I have to spend as I wish will be drastically reduced once those kick in. I guess that's the price of a good education though.

As for personal goals (call them resolutions if you must), I'd like to do some of the general things everybody says: eat healthier, get in better shape, etc. But I've also set some goals for myself in terms of my non-journalistic writing. Here they are:

1. Write something for myself for each story I do for work.
2. Begin submitting my work to literary magazines and hopefully get at least one piece published.
3. Finish The Return of Jacob Lervus.
4. Start writing essays.
5. Write 100 poems.
6. Write a screenplay
7. Complete National Novel Writing Month
8. Write more short stories.
9. Write a play.
10. Do something I'm really proud of.

I know that realistically I won't be able to accomplish all of these goals. But why not try?

As far as exciting travel plans and stuff like that, I don't really have any. I guess it will all depend on what happens with my career-wise and stuff.

"How to Be Dead" - Snow Patrol

Posted by dpetrella at January 5, 2007 1:19 PM | TrackBack

that's a lot of good ideas dan. Its like you're accepting the fact that most resolutions fail, but you're using that to your advantage by making far more resolutions than you could possibly keep. That way you won't get bored having only a few things to do that you "should." Neet...

Also, I'd personally like to see more Jacob Lervus... Keep it up.

Posted by: matty at January 8, 2007 8:58 AM
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