April 29, 2005

there are no right angles in my life

So yes, I'm still alive. I haven't writte in this thing in forever. A little while ago I wrote a big long entry about poetics that I spent a couple hours writing. A combination of me and my computer being stupid caused me to lose it all. I was pretty pissed. Nobody probably would have really been all that interested in it anyway, but I think I made some good points. Anyway, this has been my toughest semester of school by far so I've had a lot less time for things like blogging. I've also been thinking about changing the format and content of my blog to be more like commentary on art, literature, politics, the news, etc. I want to make it look cooler too. So that's a project for the summer. Anyway, I'll be down here in Champaign over the summer taking classes, working and hopefully getting a lot of reading and writing done. We'll see if that happens. A lot of people will be here so it should be a cool summer.

I'd Rather be Wine Drunk - The City on Film

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