February 23, 2005

If you're ever my professor...

If you're ever my professor, please do me a favor and don't pull crap like the guy substituting in my Poli Sci class. Our normal professor is out of action so this guy came in to substitute. I realize that he just got thrown into the class and was supposed to hit the ground running, but it's no excuse. Since he had a few days to take up, he decided we were going to talk about the Patriot Act (google it if you don't know what it is) So he gives us 4 articles to read, 2 for it and 2 against it. Upon closer inspection, we come to find out that the guy wrote the two articles against it himself. So we know where he stands on it.

Ok, I'm willing to forgive that little bit of either laziness or arrogance, or whatever it is. I thought maybe he'd actually be a little bit objective and present at least a bit of the other side. Well I thought wrong. It turns out that he didn't even read the two articles he didn't write. For an entire hour I had to listen to him lecture on the evils of the Patriot Act. Whenever myself or one of my classmates pointed out a good point of the act he quickly changed the subject, and redoubled his efforts to convince us otherwise. The kicker was when, in a sort of sarcastic voice, he made the comment "I don't know how many Bush fans we have in here, but if you wanna talk about it, I'd be glad to hear your argument...." I may agree with some of what he has to say, but seriously. Come on buddy, you're a damn graduate student in college...why don't we try to understand that there's another side of things. Instead of ignoring it, maybe we should actually understand it and not sound like an arrogant ass, ok.

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