March 9, 2005

It never ends....

Late-Night thoughts:

There are some songs that I could listen to constantly for weeks on end. Currently, this list contains such greatness as:

Happy? by Mudvayne
Midnight by Blindside
Meetings With Remarkable Men by Harvey Danger
Sparks of the Tempest by Kansas
Back To School by Deftones

There are other songs that will pop into my head at least once everyday for one reason or another, for instance:

Sicker by Skindred
Midnight by Blindside
Happy? by Mudvayne (I'm sensing a bit of a pattern here)
Hopelessly Human by Kansas

This dog makes me laugh every time I see it. It is the wallpaper on my desktop. I laugh hysterically whenever I see it. People are going to begin to think I'm not completely in control of my facilities if you know what I mean

I love classes that teach me things I already know. I realize that this will probably end pretty soon, but for now I can stay up late, sleep late, and ignore optional class sessions and I love it.

Rack a bear in the nuts, be prepared to die

I think Dick Vitale is an idiot. Exhibit A This is basically Dick Vitale's list of the top 25 players in America. His first team really doesn't surprise me since he's been in love with J.J. Redick all year even though he's the most overrated player in college basketball. My problem is the absence of one Luther Head from the list. There's at least 4 guards on that list that Head could and should replace. The second problem is that Andrew Bogut should be Player of the Year. I don't care if he's from the Mountain West. He'd start and star on any team in the country. Yes, Mr. Vitale, even on your precious ACC teams

Back to the music topic, my current bands of the moment are (many thanks to Dan for having a gazillion songs for me to listen to and download) in order:

Mudvayne (the only band on the list not from Dan)

The four people on the ESPN/USA Today poll that moved Illinois to 3rd deserve to be shot in the head so we can remove their stupidity from the gene pool. If any of them put Wake Forest in front of Illinois they deserve to have their testicles removed with a rusty spoon first.

Writing this has made me extremely tired so I will leave you with one last piece of wisdom courtesy of "Larry King" on the Bob and Tom radio show:"Step on a crack, break your mother's back. Step on your sack, Somersault!"

Posted by chupathingy on March, 9, 2005 at 4:01 AM | Comments (3)

i agree with your dickie v sentiments completely. how luther head could possibly be overlooked is beyond me. glad to see that its not my bias of being at Illinois that i think they're the greatest in the nation, not that i really had any doubts though.

Comment by: holler at 11:33 AM, March, 9, 2005

Speaking of JJ, this is hilarious:


Comment by: mallio at 1:00 PM, March, 9, 2005

That picture is awesome

Comment by: chupathingy at 3:17 PM, March, 9, 2005