March 20, 2005

And on the second day....

...all hell broke loose in the NCAA tournament.

Honestly, who saw Bucknell beating Kansas? According to's National Bracket 98.1% of people picked Kansas to beat Bucknell. Doing a little math from my ranking and my percentile ranking (so bad I'm not even going to tell you the numbers) I've concluded that there were about 2.75 million that picked Kansas to win in the first round...that's a lot of wrong picks.

On a similar note, who picked Vermont to beat Syracuse? I'd like to semi-gloat and say that I noted that Vermont was capable of beating Syracuse, but I really didn't think it would happen. In that National Bracket, only about 7% of people picked Vermont.

Moving on to the third day, Wisconsin-Milwaukee over Boston College? West Virginia over Wake Forest? So many great upsets...I love it.

This is what makes the NCAA tournament so great. All it takes is one off-night and you're going home. Plus, with all of the big names from big schools leaving early for the NBA, the level of play in the power conferences, I think, has actually regressed ever so slightly to the point that there is parity run rampant in NCAA basketball. Nearly every game in this year's tournament has been exciting, been close at some juncture of the game. I can only count a few true blow outs this year. Three of the four number three seeds didn't make it past the second round, and the fourth three seed plays their second round game tomorrow. This is truly basketbal at its finest.

Final tally on the first round for my official bracket is 24 of 32 for 75% and so far I have 4 of the 8 sweet sixteen picked with a possibility of 6 more tomorrow. The reason my bracket is doing so poorly is that I got a little bold on some of my upset picks and it turns out that I picked the wrong upsets :P

On a personal level, spring break is over, back to reality. This spring break I actually did so little going out/partying that I surprised myself. I was a recluse all weekend watching basketball. Ya know what, though, I don't care. I saw the people I really wanted to see, and I have absolutely no problem spending 3 full days watching the NCAA tournament. Am I crazy or am I just becoming an old man like my dad, content to watch quality sports instead of going out? The main problem with me watching so much basketball, though, is this: It's making me want to coach more than ever. I can't wait until my friend that's going to school to be a P.E. Teacher/Coach and I are out so I can help coach a team. I can't help it, it's in my blood.

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