March 25, 2005

I Think, Therefore I am, I Think

"I Think, Therefore I am, I Think"
-George Carlin

Here are some things that I think I think about the world:

Tag/Axe sprays smell fine in smaller doses, but at some critical level, the smell becomes overbearing and horrible. That threshold has been crossed way too many times in my presence.

Easter is a vastly underappreciated holiday. Relatively few people go home for easter weekend, and even the money-hoarding business world doesn't really get into it. Why? Because there's no presents involved, no merchandise. Outside of some candy and a few small trinkets with rabbits and such on them, Easter is a very low profability holiday. Therefore, no media hype and thus not as much hype among normal people. It's almost sad from a religious point of view. I see "religious" people willing to bend over backwards for Christmas. But even though Easter has a much deeper religious meaning than Christmas, it's overshadowed by the lack of presents. Of course, it's these same "religious" people that have no problem being un-"religious" whenever it suits them.

Chess is a wonderful game. It's pure mental combat. In it's best forms, chess is a well-coordinated dance of pieces that just seem to flow about the board. It seems hard to believe, but chess can be gracefully artistic. I think everyone would be in much better mental shape if they played chess, even if sporadically. Learning chess is to learn how to use your brain and think for yourself, and those are skills that are sorely lacking in much of today's world.

There are few things I hate worse than fair weather fans. I've seen this cycle at least three times now in it's entirety: First, in 2001 with the Chicago Bears. Man oh man did the bear fans come out of the woodwork. Next, 2003 with the Chicago Cubs. As soon as they began to come within reach of the division title, everyone loved the cubs. Now, I get the trifecta, although this one may be a little harder to detect. The University of Illinois basketball team. Two years ago, when Deron Williams, Dee Brown, and James Augustine were freshman, where were the fans? I don't know how many "fans" of Illinois basketball I've found who just stare blankly at me if I mention the name Brian Cook. They get even more confused if I go another year back and mention Frank Williams or Corey Bradford. It just frustrates me, when I've followed Illinois basketball since the days of Kiwane Garris and Lon Kruger, persevering through the years of losing seasons, and now every damn person I meet, be it at home or at school, is sharing in the joy of this season. I realize everyone that actually goes to the University of Illinois has an excuse, seeing as how they almost have to support the team, but all of these people I meet that don't barely know the name of Urbana, much less where the U of I actually is, pretend to be the world's biggest fans. It pisses me off. However, I do take solace in one fact. Come two years from now, after Illinois only goes maybe 21-10 next year(or something else far removed from 32-1), 95% of these fair weather fans will find another bandwagon to jump on and I'll be able to enjoy Illinois basketball again in relative peace.

The more cynical I get when I'm writing, the more I seem to put quote marks around random words to show sarcasm. I don't know why.

I hope that CBS keeps their contract as the exclusive broadcaster of the men's NCAA tournament for the rest of my life, especially for the first four days of it. I don't know if I could handle that much Dick Vitale. I've now gone almost three weeks without having to hear him screaming during a basketball game, and I have not missed it once.

Speaking of the tournament, from the standpoint of an unbiased fan, I'm kind of sad Oklahome St. lost to Arizona. Eddie Sutton deserved a shot at a national championship. Some people get stuck on the debocle at Kentucky, but the bottom line is that the man can coach. He's one of the best in the game, and could very well be the greatest coach not to win a national championship although he's been to the final four several times. If Illinois had to lose, I wanted it to be to him. But, Arizona won so now Illinois can avenge their elite eight loss to Arizona 4 years ago.'s within reach

Whoever invented Pepsi needs a day in their honor. Right after the guy that thought of late night delivery on pizza.

Posted by chupathingy on March,25, 2005 at 4:22 AM | Comments (2)

Ok maybe a stupid comment, but its been researched and chess is mostly a memory game for the vast majority of players. You improve the more you play, on a subconscious level you have experienced the same or similar moves before and therefore improve. Its not as much a game of concentration or thinking as people might hope but more memory recall. Such is why huge gigantic computers can challenge the best human players. Given enough processing power a computer should always beat a human, or at least tie. Its a testament to the human brain's memory capacity.

No argument starting here. Its just what I've heard from studies and it also refutes my claim to why I am very poor at the game, I always get roped into playing it by people who have played far more of it than me and they usually (read always) beat me. .... So. . . . I might be a bit biased and wholeheartedly believe the claim. Or I might just suck at chess =P

Comment by: dave at 2:00 AM, March, 27, 2005

It's funny that you posted this when you did because at almost the same time I was up later than I needed to be (I went to bed almost exactly at 2am, got up at 6:30 but that's another story) and I read some of what bobby fischer said about chess and computers and I pondered this same question lying in bed until I fell asleep.

Therefore, you get your reply in post form instead of comment form ;)

Comment by: chupathingy at 9:18 PM, March, 27, 2005