April 2, 2005

Last Minute Thoughts

I can't let it go without comment. The Final Four is here. However, because of the huge amount of information available elsewhere, I'll keep my thoughts to ones that are a bit less mainstream.

How cool would it be to see Illinois and Michagan State play in the national championship. There was a lot of talk about how they only played once because of the way the Big Ten schedules games. Everyone said they would've liked to see a second regular-season game between them. Well, how about a national championship for their second game? Also, I'm glad that some people are eating their words about the Big Ten being weak.

I'm having second thoughts about considering Michgan State a bit of an underdog against North Carolina. UNC let Wisconsin score 82 points against them. That's close to 20 points over Wisconsin's season average. Something else that caught my eye was UNC's 16.3 turnovers they average per game. Everyone left takes care of the ball too well for UNC to expect to force enough turnovers to over come 16 of their own.

I read an article in Sports Illustrated On Campus about Illinois fans bringing extra orange shirts for the Michigan State student section during Illinois's games and Michigan State bringing extra green for the Illinois student section during their game. The Big Ten's sticking together to try and get each other to the championship. That's awesome

If you need me during the hours of 5-9pm I'll be in front of a TV somewhere. Please don't bother me unless it's basketball-related or an emergency.

Go Illinois!!

Posted by chupathingy on April, 2, 2005 at 4:25 PM | Comments (1)

They're on their way!
Check out this site - it's got a great final four poster!

Comment by: Paul at 8:10 PM, April, 2, 2005