April 12, 2005

Scraping the Barrel

Warning: You may actually lose brain cells in the process of reading this post. If you value your time, you should turn back now.

Here's a strange/amusing thought that struck me today: Why is it that whenever more than two people feel mutual attraction for each other, it's called a love triangle. Is it not possible to go over the three person limit imposed by the word triangle, and if it is, why don't we ever hear about love rectangles or love nanogons? For that matter, why don't we call a particularly narcissistic person a love point? I just think that shapes besides triangles want to get in on the act.

With mention of a love triangle I think that we also hear a lot of misuse of the term. Usually when I hear it, its being used to refer to (and the genders could be reversed) perhaps two men who each feel strongly for one woman who also likes both men. However, this triangle is missing a side. Unless the two men also are in love, then this is not a love triangle. This is a love V, not quite as exciting.

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