June 2, 2005

The Laziness Stops Here

Well this is it. This was the last day of the lazy part of my summer. The next two days are full with work around the house that I conveniently put off until now, then a weekend that can hopefully come close to comparing with last weekend. (more on that in a bit). I start work monday. I'd like to have been working this week and last so I could have a paycheck come Friday but that couldn't be helped. So yes, as of Tuesday (Monday will be for training...yay) I will be back on top of my trusty John Deere. This year, though, I'll be the summer labor with the most experience, all of one season, so I'll be the crew leader and most likely on the biggest tractor. I guess that means I'm moving up in the world. That and my 25 cent raise definitely has me looking forward to going back to work.

To this past weekend. Wow. I guess when my high school class walked out of graduation to "Country Boys and Girls Getting Down on the Farm" it was pretty appropriate. Lots of old faces meant lots of stuff to do. Saturday night we just hung out around a campfire that was on a farm. Most of my friends from my class were there so it was a good deal, except for having to drive away from the cops when I had no business being in a car, much less driving. Luckily my car knew the roads and got us where we were going. Sunday was graduation in ol' Princeville so we had some grad parties to go to which meant plenty of younger people we were partying with. It was interesting to say the least. Once the drinking games started, the chaff got cut away pretty quick. I did have a revelation sunday night though: I and my friends from my class are no longer the "young pups" when it comes to this kind of stuff. I marveled at the difference that one year out of high school makes.

Oh yeah, it's t-minus 8 days until my dad and I leave for our fishing trip in Canada. It's gonna be a blast. Hopefully I'll have some good fish stories to tell when we get back.

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