August 14, 2005

Summer 2005: Requiem

It's probably best that three of my best high school friends weren't around much, if at all, this summer. Things always managed to get stupider when we got together. The two weeks one of them was back was pretty crazy, but the rest of the season I've been extremely docile compared to the last couple years. Call it maturity, old-age, a lack of friends to drag me into things, intelligence, or whatever else you want but this summer just continues the trend of my increasingly quiet existence. Peaking between spring break in 2004 to the middle of July last summer, my wild summer days are seemingly long gone. Oh sure, I had a couple moments this summer, but nowhere near the full-scale assault on brain cells of last year. If I was going to rationalize, I'd blame it on a job that has me up at 5am everyday and some shake-ups that took up a lot of time and energy at home. There were still plenty of times that i wanted nothing more than to go out and have a good time, but couldn't for one reason or another. In general, I think it's just been bad timing, for example, I'm fishing in Canada (which I wouldn't give up for the world) when the two biggest parties of the summer happen.

However, while my social life has eroded away, my hermitic side has flourished. I've gotten a bunch of good reading done, including Catcher in The Rye and the Divine Comedy, and with the week of no work before I move back to school, I'll probably finish Aeneid before I go. I've also re-discovered my music tastes with some marathon sessions of Led Zeppelin and Metallica. Another accomplishment, although I'm not sure how proud of it I should be, was dropping my NES Super Mario III time to thirteen minutes and forty seconds. Kind of sad, I realize, but wow what a run it was...and I still had a couple snafus that cost me some time. Without access to a reliable internet connection, I've been unable to do much internet surfing, which explains the rise in reading despite a job to take up most of my day. I've still been able to keep up with the important things like Hattrick and The Brushback, but I haven't had a good run of reading things that have a low likelihood of being useful since I left ISU in May.

Overall, I wouldn't say it's been a bad summer...not a good one by any means but not too bad either. I've got plenty of reasons it wasn't better, but I'll spare you that bit of catharsis. I'm definitely ready to be back down at school, autonomous again, but I don't think I'm ready for the summer to be over just yet. Chalk it up to optimism. Or stupidity. I'm good at both. After all, I'm still looking forward to seeing the Cubs playing the Braves come October.

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